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Drake of the 99 Dragons
  opened by paleface at 16:09:53 03/13/05  
  paleface [sys=XBX; cat=Shooter_3D; loc=JPN]
This is a really bad game. At least the part I saw, which was the beginning.
The titular hero runs around in the third-person view, pointing dual pistols at, uh, things. I'm not sure what exactly governs what he aims them at, but he tends at least to aim them at badguys if any should be in the room. Then you pull the shoulder buttons to fire the guns, and hopefully the badguys die.
I say hopefully because, if they don't die, then you're in trouble. The baddies all have instant-hit guns, so there's no real dodging to be done (not that Drake appears to have any particular dodging moves--at least, the tutorial didn't mention any); you just stand there and take it. You could try running around and double-jumping, I suppose, but the camera gets lost very easily, and chances are that it will clip into a wall or something and you won't be able to see anything until you adjust it.
The part my friends love most about the camera is the way that it gets pushed around by walls. So if your virtual camera gets too close to a wall as you run around, the wall shoves it to a different angle, probably not the one you wanted, and you can't see squat. Since most of the game, well, as far as I've seen of the beginning, anyway, takes place in narrow, mazelike corriders, the camera will hit walls quite frequently, and you will be unable to see quite frequently. This is rad.
The game has a cheap comic-bookish "style." Load screens are comic panels. Textures tend toward flatness and minimalism, and even so they manage to look ugly fairly consistently. Characters have an exaggerated streamlined look, sort of like it wants to be Batman, but without much inspiration; Drake himself is a ratty, skinny grey-skinned guy with no pupils, Incredible Hulk hair, and an annoying habit of walking around without a shirt. Oh, and he animates in rather jerky fashion. To push the "comic book" thing further, little old Batman show things happen with collisions; for instance, whenever Drake jumps and lands, an ugly sprite looking like black smoke appears at his feet, with the word "THUD" or something imposed over it in bold red letters. Are you excited yet?
When Drake gets hit, as seems happened frequently with me since the baddies fire instantly and are usually around the corner from the camera, no particular effect shows onscreen to indicate that he has taken damage. His little health meter goes down, but that's it. So you'll just be running around, with red "tracer" streaks going off around you, trying to tell from which direction they're coming, and then you're dead and you get to restart the level. I had no inclination to retry after the first occurrence.

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