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  opened by paleface at 01:52:08 04/05/05  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
Heretofore I have despaired about the modern state of the pinball industry. And while I'm sure the industry remains firmly in the dire dumps of near extinction, I can at least comfort myself with the knowledge that Stern, yes, cheap plasticky, gimmicky Stern, has actually gone and made a classy table that puts the emphasis on smooth and challenging pinball rather than stupid animating gimmicks and digitized chorus lines.
Lots of ramps. It's got two upper flippers, and usually I get annoyed by the things, but I actually don't mind the placement of Elvis'. Four-ball multiball doesn't seem too hard to hit, and the table sports plenty of targets but amazingly, not an overload of lights, and you can always see what's going on. And no cheap, thick light plastic here; nosirree, this baby's wood and steel almost all the way through, near as I can tell. Very pretty and feels quite solid, more solid than any other pinball machine I've played from the last, oh, nearly ten years or so.
Now, I'll admit that track-moving, hip-shaking plastic Elvis figurine is a little disturbing, but it's small enough as to be pretty easy to ignore, and I suppose that some little concession to modernity had to be made--a token to appease the gaudy modern masses, if you will. Yet that stupid little figure masks an amazingly classy table, and for that, we should really thank it.

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