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Racing Wheel
  opened by paleface at 03:49:33 05/12/05  
  last modified by paleface at 03:51:01 05/12/05  
  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Hardware; loc=JPN]
Sega's official wheel for the DC doesn't have rumble, or pedals, or a separate shifter. Nope, it's a pretty bare-bones little thing, with a dinky wheel and weird little flippers behind the wheel that take the place of the analog triggers. The flippers initially had a rather sharp plastic edge to them, but I think I've worn that down a bit, as it doesn't bother me anymore. The wheel can take a VMU.
I really like this wheel. As wheels go, it's quite compact, and you can use it easily even just by resting it on your lap. The wheel itself has a pretty small turning radius, with a very tight and springy response, so you don't have to turn it very far to get resistance and a sharp turn. It doesn't feel at all like a real car wheel, but it works great in all the driving games I have, so who cares?

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