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  opened by paleface at 19:31:32 05/30/05  
  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Adventure; loc=NA]
I was never quite convinced enough to import this in its previous Dreamcast incarnation, so I figured I'd check it out when I spotted it in my friend's fancy new game display case. And I quickly discovered that I wasn't in the mood for it.
Now, I'm not going to pretend that I gave it a fair shake. I'll confess that I got some giggles out of the extremely hammy actors in the live-action TV news segments puntuating the game--sort of like the TV clip segments in the Robocop movies, except really, really overacted. Good stuff. Like Robocop, the game takes place in a sort of grim corporatized slightly-future world with lots of violent crime and so on, which makes for a good excuse to go around shooting people.
Well, there's more plot than that, mostly laid down in decent-quality (if now somewhat dated-looking) CG sequences. In fact there's a lot of plot, and it was dragging on, so I didn't pay much attention. See, I was pretty much missing the point of the game, I think, because the two actual gameplay bits I went through sucked: the first has you running a long a ridiculous twisting corridor with no doors or windows, flashing red emergency lights and sirens, and stupid guys who combat-roll out of little side nooks to shoot at you slowly. The game auto-locks onto them for you, and you just press Fire until they're dead. You can do combat rolls of your own if you want, but it doesn't seem necessary.
So that action bit was lame, but I stuck it out through more FMVs and cinematics to the next one, in which it stuck me to rummaging around some chick's mansion. Little "clues" pop up here and there that you have to click on, and I guess I didn't find them all because whenever I would go back to the woman she would tell me that I needed to look around more. I showed her who was boss by rebooting the console and taking the game out.
If you have more patience than me you may very well come to enjoy the game though, I don't know.

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