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Tempest 2000
  opened by paleface at 20:00:43 05/30/05  
  last modified by paleface at 02:39:18 05/25/08  
  paleface [sys=JGR; cat=Shooter_3D; loc=NA]
Update of the old arcade version, this time around done by Jeff Minter of "Llamatron" fame, and you can see his frenetic visual style right from the get-go here.
You still swing your little C-shaped, um, polygon thing around a wireframe polygonal cone as baddies crawl down the cone toward you, but Minter "takes it to the extreme" with all sorts of different level shapes--sheets, stars, etc--weapon upgrades, a "jump" upgrade that lets you hop over encroaching enemies, a wide variety of enemies, bonus rail-flying levels in which you fly through hoops while hearing what sounds like a woman's moans (=p), and crazy dot-particle effects all over the screen whenever you do anything.
It looks nice, and sounds nice, but the Jaguar's shitty d-pad makes precise moves very difficult, and its shitty processor can't handle all of the effects Minter throws its way--at least not at a decent framerate. When you jump, which effectively pushes the tube into the distance, where it looks smaller, the framerate increases dramatically, which is rather disorienting.
I hear there's a Saturn version too, hopefully it has a better framerate.
  paleface 02:39:18 05/25/08
I've played this with a special rotary controller, or "spinner," and it was much easier to move around. Still can't really play it without getting bored or nauseated, but hey.

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