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Golgo 13: The Man With the Custom M16
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  paleface [sys=NES; cat=Adventure; loc=NA]
GameFAQs calls this "Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode," but I don't see that subtitle on the title page, and when you pause the game, the rather elaborate pause screen definitely has "The Man with the Custom M16." Come on now, that's just a rad title and you know it.
The game is hard: anime spy dude Golgo trundles along the sidewalk, and green guys who may or may not be KGB spies approach him. If they're spies, they'll shoot at him. He can crouch, but not enough to duck their shots, and he can't crouch and shoot at once. So you have to jump, probably straight up because the side control is stiff. Then the KGB man fires again, and you'll probably be too slow to dodge the first bullet, then land right on the second bullet. Then there's probably a third bullet before you manage to return fire and take the dirty commie down.
Now, you have 200 hit points, but they go fast, particularly when you'll encounter three or four spies just going from the hotel to the nearest train station. At these types of locations you'll encounter a little cutscene in which someone mysterious approaches out of the shadows and dramatically gets shot, tells you something, alludes to something, or gives you something. Then you go run somewhere else in the city.
At certain points in the running, a big revolver will pop up in the foreground and shoot (at Golgo?). This initiates a mode in which you scroll a crosshair across the cityscape, plugging acrobatic ninja types on the ground and missile-launching helicopters in the air. The KGB don't mess around, fool!
The game was too hard for the likes of me, but the owner promised that there was a risque sex scene, so we made him play until he got to it. It wasn't very far in, but he had to continue a lot and it took a while. But we finally got the reward for our patience, which you can see in all its glory in the screenshot. So while the action may be stiff, the cut-scenes are... Wait... Well, anyway, the cut-scenes are pretty good. They remind me of the style of the scenes in Ninja Gaiden, which is a compliment.
  paleface 01:43:09 07/19/05
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  "The ladies can't resist Golgo and his custom M16."
Ohh yeah, there was one particularly cool action scene where our plucky player had to snipe a guy off a tower. The view went to behind a telescopic gunsight, with the rim of the sight all blurry in faked near-focus and everything. Pretty damn impressive for the age of the game, really.
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