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The Game Paradise 2
  opened by paleface at 01:39:54 08/20/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=JPN]
A.k.a. "Gunbare! Game Tengoku 2." Unusual mixed pad/light-gun game where one player plays on a pad steering a ship in normal not-quite-full-overhead vshmup-like mechanics, while the other shoots baddies with a GunCon. Not sure if you can play single-player with a GunCon (don't have a compatible screen to try it on at the moment).
Features a collection of diverse anime-style characters with energetic voice acting, very cute: you got your studly male pilot, your flying vampire girl, your flying pig, your girl who keeps a younger girl on a chain, and so forth, each with their own different style of gun and bomb. In simple yet cute 3d models they carom over a 3d landscape, generally up-screen, though the background pitches and yaws back and forth like a boat in a storm. If they'd hold still a bit you'd see some amusing videogame in-jokes and parody going on: evil arcade machines assault you in the first stage set in a Japanese arcade, you shoot a CD-ROM into a game console hooked up to a TV in someone's bedroom in the second stage, you are welcomed to "Vector World" partway through another stage, then all the obstacles turn into green lines and the baddies come at you zig-zagging Space Invader style. Of course, you blow them away with your guns, lock-on missles and powerful bombs.
The stages, of which there are five available initially for play in any order, seem rather short, which may explain why they force you to restart the entire stage if you run out of lives. Amusing appearances aside, the baddies don't really do much of anything that's particularly original, entertaining or challenging. Indeed, if it weren't for the characters making cutesy comments continuously during gameplay you might start to get the impression that not much was going on... but at least in that event the cutesy comments wouldn't begin to grate with repetition.
Speaking of repetition, in the "Time Attack" mode you fly through a very short looping boss-less level for three or four minutes with infinite lives, trying to get the highest score. There's some kind of score chaining thing in effect when you pick up point items (eggplants?) but I can't say this particularly gets my blood pumping. Cute characters, amusing settings, nice jazzy pop tracks, not much else. Oh, except for the light-gun thing. Hopefully that's what makes this game good.
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