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Dead or Alive
  opened by paleface at 02:50:23 09/15/05  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Only three out of the eight or so fighters in this 3D tournament fighting affair have boobs, but they make up for it in size and apparent weightlessness. Thus the game's claim to fame. Aside from the inflated chests, though, the game has a fairly enjoyable fighting system, with the tricky hold/reversal system that lets you turn the tables on your opponent if you time your hold just as they attack.
I'm not very good at that, so I settle for banging on the other two buttons, Punch and Kick, a lot. Plus some of the characters have a few really probably too damaging moves in their huge move lists, so I use those, and it ain't too hard to beat on Normal difficulty that way, even without being able to reverse worth a damn. I'd imagine that the reversals really come into their own in Vs play.
The game has a ton of modes, plus things to unlock, like new costumes for the fighters. Modes include standard Tournament (there's no attempt at a story in this game, mind you), Time Attack, Team Play, Practice, and Kumite, among others. Kumite is an interesting one, similar the identically named mode in Virtua Fighter 4 (see entry 329), in that you keep going from fight to fight even if you lose. It keeps track of your winning percentage and I suppose gives you some kind of award at the end, though I've yet to sit through even the shortest Kumite, which consists of a mere 30 fights.
But let's face it: you're going to be distracted by the boobs. They plunge up and down like ships in a storm at sea, trying to make up for a paucity of polygons with exaggerated motion. The result is comical, and it's a good thing that they toned it down in later editions. Those things could put eyes out, you know.
Instead of losing the round when you ring-out or something, those fighters unfortunate enough to fall down outside the ring get blown up into the air, taking extra damage. This is silly and even irritating, and, again fortunately, they discontinue this in later editions of the game.
It doesn't have a huge roster, and has silly land mines and mammary bombs, and the fighting can be pretty mashy sometimes, but the combat has a nice fluidity to it (no, I'm not thinking of the breasts, damn it), there's that reversal system for advanced types to mess with.
  paleface 02:52:27 09/15/05
Whoops, hit the button too soon...
...there's that reversal system for advanced types to mess with, and a bunch of game modes. Don't think that there's nothing more to this game than its jugs, you pigs!
· Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (PS4)

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