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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Hardware; loc=NA]
Late in the PlayStation's life, Sony released a miniaturized, white version: the "PSOne." These are so tiny that they're easy to take with you on trips, and their small, curved form factor is easy on the eye. Additionally, Sony released a nice little flip-top portable screen for them, so you have a complete little console system that can fit just about anywhere, and can play any PS1 game.
By-the-by, if you get one of those Sony screens, make sure that you unplug it when not in use, because if left plugged in, they still draw power--they remain hot to the touch, and the screen will die pretty quickly. Weak.
The PS1's main claim to fame at launch was the 3D graphics. They haven't aged very well, looking warped and flat-shaded by current standards, but many developers nevertheless managed to produce some pretty nice, stylized 3D games on the system. As far as 2D goes, most would say that the contemporary Saturn kicked the PS1's booty in that area, as evidenced by the usually sub-par fighting game ports on the PS1; but when developers took the extra trouble to make a 2D game playing on the hardware's strengths, they could achieve impressive results. And if most PS1 games spent a little too much of their development budget on 3D graphics and pre-rendered cinematics, well, unfortunately that was the fad at the time.

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