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Ganbare Goemon: Kurunarakoi! Ayashigeikka no Kuroikage
  opened by paleface at 01:44:20 08/20/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
3D action game with those weird mystical ninjas. This is an isometric-style view where you use the analogue stick to run around little villages, find whoever you're supposed to talk to, sit through a comical little converation with them, find which direction you're supposed to go from the village, fight a small variety of cutesy baddies in between a lot of jumping puzzles, get item at the end, repeat a few times, then fight the stage boss in giant mechs.
Yeah, the sentai action surprised me, too, and the mech fights themselves seem dull (side strafe, fire charged attack, side strafe, fire charged attack...). It's the little cutesy character combats that are oddly amusing, and of course the body language of the characters during the cutscenes (I suppose if you can understand Japanese you might get more out of these).
The graphics use some nice gouraud shading effects, and attractive low-poly SD models, but on the other hand some of the textures are quite ugly and there are sparkly little lines, gaps between polygons, all over the ground.
The walkthrough for the game is quite brief so I wouldn't expect a hugely long playtime out of this. Pretty well done overall but not as amusing (for the gaijin) as a couple of the other Goemon games.

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