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Castle Shikigami 2
  opened by paleface at 02:04:46 10/25/05  
  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=NA]
Is there anything quite as fun as a crap localization, when you've already got the import version? XS Games localized Shikigami no Shiro 2 (see entry 731) as "Castle Shikigami 2,"; an admirably direct translation, although it might confuse North American fans who go looking for a non-existant "Castle Shikigami" prequel (what they should be looking for, after all, is the deceptively title "Mobile Light Force 2," also localized--some might say "butchered"--by XS).
XS took out the vertical screen mode, of course. That's par for the course in North America, unfortunately. And they force you to watch through their logo and staff credits whenever you start a playthrough of the game. Nice. And they took out the Japanese voices from the between-stage and before-boss character conversations.
But then came the brilliant part! They translated the conversations, and re-dubbed them in English. Only, they seem to have been translated by someone know didn't really understand the English language--someone who did not even understand that, in normal conversation, sentences follow each other in logical order. Not here! Nossir. These are awesome strings of mighty non sequiters, and probably worth the five bucks or whatever you'll pay to pick up a copy of this thing from the bargain bin. Just make sure to start the game in two-player mode; there's more talking that way.
Best line heard so far: "1-way love with a man who likes young girls." No lie.
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