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Magical Drop III
  opened by paleface at 16:08:57 11/21/05  
  paleface [sys=SS; cat=Puzzle; loc=JPN]
My experience with Magical Drop reminds me a lot of the experience I had with the Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble) series: I scoffed at the versions I saw at first, then finally played one of the later games in the series and became hopelessly addicted.
Like Bust-A-Move 4, Magical Drop III throws you into a seemingly endless world of game modes based on things dropping down from the top of the screen toward your cute little anime character at the bottom. In Magical Drop, you counter this threat by snatching down a stack of like-colored drops, or multiple stacks even, then throwing them back up to form connections of three or more drops of the same color. These vanish, causing an upward collapse of the stack, sometimes leading to chain reactions, and your animated character freaking out in some charming fashion. Many of the game modes pit you against another opponent, where you each have your own vertical space in which to operate, and which piles up your opponent's stack when you get a good combo.
Loads and loads of stages, modes, puzzles, bubbly music, and cute animated character sprites make a game like this hard for me to put down. The Saturn version of III is just incredibly lush and amazing in terms of sound and colorful 2D animation; it is much more instantly appealing than the rather stark NGPC version that I tried out ages ago and didn't think much of.
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