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Giant Gram 2000
  opened by paleface at 01:55:40 08/20/03  
  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Wrestling; loc=JPN]
I dunno if there's much point in playing other wrestling games after you've played a Fire Pro. And the menus are pretty thick in this one, and translations much spottier. So I don't really know what's going on but I can translate "Arcade Mode" and mash buttons with the best of them.
Turns out this is actually kind of fun. The announcer is very enthusiastic and I can even make out some of the move names he calls out as their performed. "Bu-ra-k bre-kaaaa!" The wrestlers are nice and big and animate pretty well, the crowd gets into it at the right times, and there seem to be a fair number of moves, though my mashing mastered only a couple. There's some sort of critical move thing that generates a big splashy effect when it hits. Sound effects are quite meaty. Sometimes your health meter sprouts flames. There are even like electrical flashes when certain things occur, though I don't know what these mean.
Just about everything can be reversed, it seems, because the CPU does that to me. Still you can always count on mashing good ol' X button for a nice little swatting combo--unless the other guy hit you with his first. Or get them against the post and just go freaky on them.
I wonder if this would be more or less fun if I knew what I was doing? Maybe I'm not missing all that much though because the "bash the other guy's health meter through three color changes and then pin him" thing is coming through loud and clear. This'd probably be pretty fun two player as well, with two ninnies mashing away frantically as fat and muscles and perspiration fly around the ring.
Giant Baba is funny looking.

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