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Ranger X
  opened by paleface at 03:17:45 11/29/05  
  paleface [sys=MD; cat=Platformer; loc=NA]
Pretty nifty-looking roboty run-n-gunner, whose gimmick is something to do with the motorcycle thing that follows you around. You can jump onto it and sort of combine into this big war cycle thing, but it's hard to dodge while cruising around on it, so I never found that it really lasted that long, and the rest of the time it's just parked around the screen, taking up space.
There's a ton of activity in the game: things falling at you out of the sky, big gun emplacements launching rockets, robots and tanks running up and blasting you; often all at once! This makes for some pretty healthy sprite flicker, and maybe a bit of slowdown. It also makes it hard, 'cause your robot is pretty biggish really, and all those baddies tend to fill up the screen pretty good with lots of little bullets; you can take a lot of hits...and you will!
Anyway, it seems like it has possibilities. I don't like the sprite flicker, but I do like the art style, and the fierce action. I don't quite grok the motorcycle thing; maybe it would help if I figured that out. Oh! You get lots of bomb charge shots, which have nice-looking effects, and satisfying damage. Yay!

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