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1.15PS1SportsJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol30: The Basket ~ 1 on 1 Press ~
3.58PS1SportsJPNSuperLite 1500 Extra Series Vol4: The Curling
4.68PS1SportsJPNDodge de Ball!
5.119GBASportsJPNHajime no Ippo: The Fighting!
6.135PS2SportsNAK-1 World Grand Prix
7.219PS1SportsJPNRainbow Dodgeball
8.260GBASportsEURSpeedball 2
9.273GBASportsNASuper Dodge Ball Advance
10.294DCSportsJPNVirtua Striker 2 ver 20001
11.295PS1SportsJPNWaku Waku Volley
12.303PS2SportsNAWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 6 International
14.322PS2SportsJPNWaku Waku Volley 2
15.378DCSportsNATennis 2K2
16.379PS2SportsNAHot Shots Golf 3
17.382N64SportsNAMario Golf
18.391NGPCSportsNANeo Turf Masters
19.392GBCSportsNAMario Golf
20.393NGPCSportsJPNDynamite Slugger
21.399NGPCSportsNANeoGeo Cup '98 Plus Color
22.400NGPSportsNANeoGeo Cup '98 Plus
23.402NGPCSportsNAPocket Tennis Color
24.403NGPSportsJPNPocket Tennis
25.405PS2SportsNARedCard 2003
26.416PS2SportsNAWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International
27.440XBXSportsNATop Spin
28.442XBXSportsNATony Hawk's Underground
29.443PS1SportsNAAll-Star Slammin' D-Ball
30.447PCESportsJPNHot-Blooded High-School Dodge Ball
31.450PCBSportsNAFlip Shot
32.451PCESportsJPNHit the Ice: The Video Hockey League
33.465PCESportsJPNDigital Champ
34.468PCESportsJPNFormation Soccer: Human Cup '90
35.470PS2SportsNADownhill Domination
36.479PCESportsJPNHot-Blooded High-School Soccer
37.494PCESportsJPNBreak In
39.539GCSportsNARibbit King
40.575PCESportsJPNPro Tennis: World Court
41.621PCESportsJPNWinning Shot
42.622PCCDSportsJPNHot-Blooded Downtown Marching Band: Great Athletic Meet
43.624GCSportsNAPool Paradise
44.685PS2SportsJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol49:The Dodgeball~World Champion Dodgeballer~
45.719GCSportsNAMario Power Tennis
46.733PS2SportsNASpace Fishermen demo
47.772DCSportsJPNCosmic Smash
48.789XBXSportsNANBA Ballers
49.792GCSportsNAFight Night Round 2
50.878GBASportsJPNKunio-Kun Nekketsu Collection 1
51.923GBSportsJPNNekketsu Koukou Soccer-Bu
52.934PSPSportsNAHot Shots Golf: Open Tee
53.986PSPSportsNAVirtua Tennis: World Tour
54.1024PSPSportsNAWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 9
55.1042PS2SportsJPNOretachi Game Center: Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball Bu
56.1122NESSportsNANES Open Tournament Golf
57.1133WIISportsNAWii Sports
58.1164PS3SportsJPNSega Golfclub Featuring Miyazato Family
59.1214X360SportsJPNPro Yakyuu Spirits 3
60.1232PS1SportsNASurf Riders
61.1233PS3SportsNANBA 2K8
62.1311DCSportsNANBA 2K2
63.1364PS4SportsJPNHanazono High School Dodgeball Club
64.1478PCSportsEURSensible World of Soccer '96/'97
65.1489PS3SportsNATouch Down Fever
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