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Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh
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  paleface [sys=N64; cat=Shooter_4way; reg=JPN]
The original, Japanese version of the game that later came to DC as "Bangai-O" in the States. I haven't compared back to back, but dang, this game looks pretty good running on the N64 hardware: no more slowdown than the DC version, perhaps even less, some little animations and sounds not seen really in the DC version, and some nice fuzzy explosion effects.
There are gameplay differences, too. You can't special bomb all the time: you've got to charge a meter thingy by...collecting fruit, maybe it was? Also, Mami's laser looks more like green bullets than a blue laser. Oh, also, if you create a counter-attack with enough bullets, a "shop" wormhole will open up, with an inventory aside selling upgrades (weapon power, penetration, and something else I can't remember my friend telling me--oh, Life, I think).
And, needless to say, it controls much more naturally on the N64's crazy controller: you move with D-pad, shoot with A-stick, switch weapons with the left shoulder button, and charge a counter-attack with the trigger button.
Anyway, I'm totally impressed with what Treasure pulled off in the N64 hardare. It's a shame that it didn't come to the States with dialog, 'cause the dialog you hear during the DC one is hilarious.
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