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1.329PS2FightingNAVirtua Fighter 4: Evolution
2.1367PS1FightingNAStreet Fighter Collection 2
3.1387DCFightingJPNVirtua Fighter 3tb
5.1410PCRoguelikeNAClassicRogue SDL
6.1409PCRoguelikeEURInfra Arcana
7.1384DCFightingJPNCapcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro
8.814DCFightingJPNCapcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001
10.1390PS3FightingNATekken 5: Dark Resurrection
11.1404PS4FightingNAFighting EX Layer
12.1358NEOFightingNAThe King of Fighters 2000
13.1408PS4FightingNAVirtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown
14.1381DCFightingJPNGuilty Gear X
15.896PS2HardwareJPNCapcom vs SNK 2 ASCII Stick FT2
16.895DCHardwareJPNCapcom vs SNK ASCII Stick FT
17.425NGPCStrategyJPNSNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition
18.424NGPCStrategyNASNK vs Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash
19.1402PS3FightingNATekken Tag Tournament HD
20.280PS2FightingNATekken 4
21.829PS1FightingNADarkstalkers 3
22.1407PS2FightingNATekken Tag Tournament
23.1397PS4FightingNAGarou: Mark of the Wolves
24.1406GBRole_PlayingNAThe Final Fantasy Legend
25.1400PS3FightingNATekken 6
26.1224PS3FightingNAVirtua Fighter 5
27.1405PS2FightingNATekken 5
28.1392PS4FightingNATekken 7
29.1391PS3FightingNATekken Tag Tournament 2
30.1001PS2FightingJPNNeoGeo Battle Coliseum

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