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Bonk's Adventure
  opened by paleface at 20:18:40 06/26/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Platformer; reg=NA]
Reference added: 476
From the Gate of Thunder Three-In-One (see entry 476). I'll probably spend more time with the GC remake (see entry 375 -- "PC Genjin" is the Japanese name) but there's something to be said for the big prehistoric sprites in this original. the responsive control, large sprites, massive levels and musical composition are certainly high points for the system. I don't really dig most platformers but there's something satisfying about Bonk--maybe I'm feeling my head-bashing caveman instincts?
  paleface 20:19:46 06/26/04
Gah! That last one should say "Bonk's Adventure was remade as PC Gengin for GC."
  paleface 02:44:54 04/09/24
Also called "4 in 1 Super CD."
Bonk's Adventure infinite lives cheat:
Toggle mednafen cheat interface w/ alt+c. Use search cheats, and toggle this cheat OFF before trying to "Run" the disc, then toggle back on after.
In cheats\pce.cht:
[250747e23900cdd5678e22bc76873fa3] GATE OF THUNDER 3 IN 1
R A 1 L 0 001f0cc1 09 Bonk's Adventure - inf lives
(Wasn't sure how to get the .cht file from working so entered the cheat info manually, and it came out formatted slightly differently.)
  paleface 19:47:06 04/10/24

Bonk's Adventure, in Mednafen
So far I am enjoying this and the music is ace. The action is quick and simple and the boss or whatever so far wasn't bad. Swimming through a giant dino's digestive system was a bit clunky but hey I'm using an infinite lives cheat so I got through after just drowning several times in quick succession. ; D
I couldn't get the infinite lives cheat from working from the .cht the site gave me so I punched it into Mednafen's Alt+C cheat code console myself based on the info from the cht: it's mem address F82CC1 and value 9. Have to have it toggled off to RUN the disc from the BIOS screen though.
Counted frames on my video of Bonk 2 (PS3 JP version) and that had five frames of jumping take-off animation--same as Bonk's Adventure. So that wouldn't have been the source of a delayed jump feeling. Maybe there are extra frames before the jump animation starts, or maybe the PS3 version WAS input laggy. Anyway doesn't matter, I had at least as much problem with the level and boss encounter designs in 2 as I did with whatever that delayed jumping was due to, and I won't be playing that game again on any platform. ; P
(Bonk's Adventure on PCE was by Red Company and Atlus (that's according to Hardcore Gaming 101 and MobyGames; I keep getting confused by GameFAQs, which just attributes development of Bonk 1 & 3 to Hudson ; P). Bonk 2 was by Mutech. Bonk 3 was by AI Bonk's Adventure on NES was by A.I Co., Ltd., who also did the totally different Bonk 2 for GB, which is pretty good, as well as the two Bonk Super Famicom games (only the first of which came to the SNES), and the Bonk's Adventure NES port. ... Oh and the NES one is super-expensive on eBay. ; D OH wait the Famicom one is normal prices, hm. Ah okay, "FC Genjin" is both slower and much less graphically impressive, I think I can let that one go.)
I WAS WRONG about this Super CD version of Bonk's Adventure having enhanced sound--turns out I was looking at a description of Bonk THREE when I read that: a Super CD version of Bonk 3, with Red Book audio, came out, ONLY in the States--and now appears to be super expensive on eBay. ; D But the music in this Bonk 1 CD-based version is I guess the same as the HuCard version. But it's nice! = D
Also I probably said something about this disc being for the "TurboGrafx" or "Turbo CD" or something--correctly speaking those would have been "TurboGrafx-16" or "TurboGrafx-CD"; but in fact this 3-in-1, actually 4-in-1 disc was for the Turbo Duo, the Western version of the PC Engine Duo HuCard / Super CD-ROM-ROM combo system. YEAHHH confusing nomenclature!
  paleface 18:49:18 04/11/24

I don't know if I really found ways to hit some of the later bosses without taking hits myself...or maybe it's just hard to tell what is just them being hit and what is both of you getting hit, I dunno. The levels aren't obnoxious like Bonk 2, though, and generally it's pretty good fun, with some nice music. I mean, good fun once I get the infinite lives cheat activated so I don't have to sweat all those hits I take. ^ _^
The infinite lives cheat from is address 1f0cc1, value 9 (why the first part is different on the initial web display I'm not sure, gotta drill down to "Standard" under Info or save the .cht and read the actual value from there for some reason).
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