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Bonk's Revenge
  opened by paleface at 02:39:16 04/27/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Platformer; reg=NA]
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  "They don't really do modes like this nowadays... because it's kind of silly."
This was a HuCard originally, I think, but I'm playing the version included on the Gate of Thunder 3-in-1 disc (see entry 476).
  paleface 20:41:29 06/26/04
So far I like this better than the prequel, Bonk's Adventure (see entry 570). You can dive-bomb things with your forehead even after spinning in midair to increase your jump distance, two things which you couldn't combine in the first game. The level design also seems much more creative, with surprising new gameplay waiting around every bend, and many more secret levels (unless they were just better hidden in the beginning of Bonk's Adventure ;). They're both good and the first one has a certain minimalistic charm, but this one is bigger and badder by far.
  paleface 23:04:47 05/25/19
  paleface 22:58:31 05/08/23
In the west, the PC Engine version's (see entry 1586) cute baby girl Bonk, into whom you transform when you eat the smaller chunk of meat, was replaced with a horrible, scarred, blitzed-out angry Bonk I've taken to calling "Crackhead Bonk." ; P
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