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Fire Pro Wrestling World
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Wrestling; reg=NA]
Well I tried to convince myself that I didn't like the gamey self-parodied timed grapple system in any of the Fire Pro games I've played (heck I even had Iron Slam '96, the shunned 3D one whose director and section head Shuji Yoshida still believed in 3D wrestling and quit Human to start AKI Corporation*) but then FPWW was $5.99 in Steam's spring sale and I had no excuse not to at least TRY it and then I ended up downloading nearly 4700 user-made wrestlers/moves/etc that the game has to "download" for a minute every time it starts now and got this ModPack thing off Discord that installs .dlls and takes over the game with a buggy really clunky out-of-game UI and the game hangs on exit now and the UI isn't really made for handling 2000+ wrestlers like when you accidentally misplace one and there's no way to search by name but I can do things like turn off the ugly blood spatters and run hundreds-strong Royal Rumbles and then yes I convinced myself I had to buy all the DLC because it turns out you need various DLC for most of the user-made wrestlers and now I can run '86 Hulk Hogan vs Andre which is all the wrestling I know as an old person who never followed wrestling and it was actually a really thrilling match and there really IS a unique rhythm you fall into with the timed grapple thing even on my piddly CPU 2 (of 10) difficulty and even though I'm terrible at rhythm and I started Fighting Road and it makes you do Create-a-Wrestler and I don't know what I'm doing so of course I made a big animal bobble head who was actually a lot of fun to play.
* :
I guess the Ninja Turtles are included in the ModPack edit characters because people in TMNT costumes have appeared in a few pro wrestling things:
  paleface 20:57:41 03/19/23
I'm using Workshop edit collections by TheAvenger3 (and their thousands of edit chars are sorted into appropriate new teams by a script in ModPack) and captainhowdy.
  paleface 23:09:05 03/19/23

I guess the Ninja Turtles are included in the ModPack edit characters because people in TMNT costumes have appeared in a few pro wrestling things:
  paleface 19:20:07 03/20/23
Thanks to's @username for this tip: went back and checked "Better Wrestler Organization" in the PWGR Patcher, then in the window named that that comes in the cascade of windows when running, clicked the "Alphabetize Edits" button, then the "Save" button below it, and hey-o, everyone's alphabetical now. : D
  paleface 20:29:53 04/02/23

Had to set Criticals to Low 'cause they were happening too often, maybe cause I'm running w/ Criticals enabled for Signature moves & Finishers in the ModPack. On Low it felt about right, though. Criticalled Gorilla Monsoon w/ Tyson's KO punch finisher! = ooo
(I think the Monsoon CAW I made in WWF No Mercy looks better than this balding, beardless, sad-faced FPWW user edit Monsoon I downloaded.)
Owen Hart held his pin on the opponent he criticalled as he pinned, for 1 min until kicked off. Maybe the AI counts on the opponent kicking them out of the pin eventually--but if they're criticalled, they'll never kick out, so the pinning AI waits indefinitely?
It was brother Bret Hart in "The Montreal Screw Job," not Owen.
Oh, Wikipedia says Tyson Fury is the current WBC heavyweight boxing champion. = o
Paul Ellering was a 70s wrestler (since manager), is currently on a WWE "legends contract"; not sure why the edit of him I downloaded has no Finishing/Signature moves (1:40:25).
Post session thoughts:
Ah, for tag team play, if you turn Tornado off (so only one person from each team can be in the ring), you can then assign multiple people on your team to 1P control, which is what I'd wanted--how it worked in WCW/nWo Revenge, basically; although that game also seems to be much more lax about tagging in general--which worked well for fun.
I had the ModPack "Patcher" utility's "Tag Team Overhaul" enabled; says "Tag Teams will have better logic/ai"; experimenting with it on/off, it seems to make the partners a more likely to come in and do useful stuff, maybe? Seemed like less goes on with it off, anyway, so I'll leave it on.
Takafumi City Gym w/ Takayamania-Empire ring & USA DOME w/ Takayamania look nice. : )
Still not quite what to make of FP overall; it takes constant mental effort to track wrestler status and correspondingly what strength grapples to use (although not too much on difficulty 2), and to maintain correct distance if you're going for strikes--which I mostly gave up on since grapples were working so well. In fact strikes can be closed down real fast, and follow-ups to Irish Whips in multi-vs situations are really hard since your wrestler immediately switches to face I guess the next-closest opponent after Whipping someone away to the ropes, which is really annoying; running attacks too are hard to target, especially against downed opponents for some reason. And a lot of turnbuckle attacks kinda just missed, which wasn't encouraging (and I had at least two "wrestlers" who were MMA or whatever and couldn't even CLIMB the turnbuckle, they'd just fall over backwards when they tried, which seemed silly : P).
So it came down to the timed button press of the grapples--but that doesn't translate into watchable action for observers. I can watch my own okay because I know what was going through my head, and I have my own silly commentary to remind me, but my attention wanders instantly if I try watching anyone else's FP videos (and most of those out there now seem to be people running CPU vs CPU simulations with undead comedy skeleton CAWs? or maybe YouTube's algorithm is just messing with me)--and maybe the constant repeat throwing, especially on easy difficulty, does get repetitive even to me while playing--but I don't feel confident I'd have fun at all if I turned up the difficulty and just started losing grapples more often because the CPU is better at timing.
But 3 hours flew by!
I felt a lot of drama in that Hulk vs Andre match I lost in the previous session, so maybe I should try more one-on-ones? And I like having like 2000 wrestlers for random selection. But maybe that's distracting? And I'm not sure most of those would be as challenging in that same fighting-a-titan way (Andre has really really tough stats maybe?). And I feel like I need to at least try a 2v2 Tag match with the "proper" setting of both team members set to 1P.
  paleface 18:20:42 04/04/23

I think I screwed something up by interrupting the ModPack's boot sequence or something, I dunno; also, the game seems to be adding more download edits or...I dunno. Anyway an extra hit sound started playing at certain points in other moves, grr.
Figured out the grapple timing a bit better--you can go way earlier than I'd thought, like as their fingertips are just starting to graze each other for the set-piece grapple.
And that's pretty much the game, as far as I can tell--aside from messing around with masses of wrestlers, or I suppose getting into editing. But at any rate, not so much of a competitive action game.
Raising difficulty (went up to 7 of 10, how brave am I : P) seems mostly to make the CPU take a lot longer to beat down. : P Hm well and maybe they get a little more ruthless about capitalizing on openings you give them when messing around. : PP
Hitting the CPU repeatedly with a weak strike over and over ends up hurting you more than them by level 7. : PPP
  paleface 16:35:32 05/13/24
- Graphics too smoothed over
- Can't turn off blobby blood w/o mods
- I kinda broke it by downloading too many mods & probably characters : P--so maybe I'm better off sticking with an earlier game that can't really do that so much ; ) -- with thousands of characters I just keep seeming to want to play as Hogan anyway and I resent most of the edit characters I downloaded whom I don't recognize which is almost all of them ; D
I could swear something is overall kind of off with the pacing of the game, maybe it's just too polished or something but it doesn't impress me with zip and chutzpah. Obviously I haven't spent enough time with it but maybe for a compulsive tweaker like me it's just a little too wide open? I don't know. The blood thing really bothers me though, and I miss a more pixelated look.
  paleface 18:01:58 05/13/24
Hm well that pacing impression was either just me looking for excuses, or recalling how screwed up my modding and thousands of subs made the game run.
Did a clean install, no subs, and
- The game is always slightly blurry and soapy
- Haven't seen any blood in the several little 1-on-1 exhibition matches on default settings that I've run
- The actions's fairly brisk
- The music's fairly bad
- There's still a Hulk Hogan and tons of other old wrestlers; are they actually in there in default or DLC (I still have all the DLC I suppose), or did my subs not actually get deleted like they say they are, or what? I dunno, anyway they're still there so as far as I know they're official.
I mean, it seems okay, there's some interesting back and forth stuff, I just wish I could make it non-blurry.
R1 drags. Another shoulder pins, another shoulder breathes, and a fourth does nothing, curiously.
  paleface 18:03:34 05/13/24
Without mods downloaded the game takes up just 5 GB which these days (well okay this game came out in 2017 for Pete's sake) is pretty slim I suppose. ; D
There are only like 5 rings and 5 venues even with me having all the DLC, which seems pretty darn slim. I guess you're supposed to make/download more but sheesh.
  paleface 18:08:07 05/13/24
The wrestlers are maybe slightly larger on-screen than even Returns. If only they were more sharply rendered; it's like it's an up-rezzed 720p game or something. : P
  paleface 20:07:43 05/13/24
There are actually 9 venues. ; )
Ah okay I had 23 MB of save files that came back down from the cloud, that's where the Hulkster and others were still coming from; had to do the ol' turn off Steam Cloud sync, uninstall, delete the save folder (under "spikechunsoft" in %APPDATA% / LocalLow), reinstall, turn Cloud saves back on, resolve conflict taking local, not Cloud version. Now it's 400 KB of save files and no more Hogan etc--their orgs were in red and I suppose they were probably missing lots of custom moves and stuff too since I'd already unsubbed, reinstalled, etc, and my install size now is still the same as it was after that.
Oh hey the name IS "Fire Prowrestling World"--no space between Pro and Wrestling, that's both in the logo and in the install folder name. There's a space in the name of the game as listed on Steam.
  paleface 20:15:58 05/13/24 [title updated]
Hm, there's IS a slight but noticeable little gap in the logo between PRO and WRESTLING. And other places like the save folder for instance do mixed case "FireProWrestlingWorld," like Fire Pro D's logo did. So, hm. It's not like the Fire Prowrestling G logo which was katakana only and had absolutely no hint of a space or case break between Pro and Wrestling. Ah whatever. : P
  paleface 20:33:45 05/13/24
Compared random wrestler sizes in overlaid screenshots: D and Returns characters are pretty much identical in size, G is maybe just a smidge smaller, and World is definitely bigger.
  paleface 15:15:32 05/14/24
Thanks to a reply by Steam user Kairo Hermosa on this FPWW thread I found out about ReShade -- -- to sharpen FPWW's graphics. : ) I'm using the "full add-on support" version, choosing the FireProWrestlingW.exe, "DirectX (10/11/12)" rendering API, and "Legacy effects - AdaptiveSharpen.fx" in ReShade set-up, and running it (toggle ReShade menu with Home key in-game) at "Sharpening strength" 1.6--nice and crisp now. : D
  paleface 18:23:56 05/14/24
Figured I might as well try something: in Edit Mode - Team Edit - Transfer Wrestler, moved all the default wrestlers to Retire (except for one man and one woman, 'cause had to keep one per "class" or something: I kept Jamie Wilson, 'cause she looks awesome, and Jyushin Thunder Liger), then went and subscribed to 85 classic-ish wrestlers whose names I recognized, by TheAvenger3 (he'd made popular classic collections and specifically a Gorilla Monsoon ;) in Workshop. And then moved them out of Retire. And then had to subscribe to TheAvenger3's Moves and Parts (both) collections to get all of them working--which then kicked off a lengthy downloading or "validating" or something process for all 1,982 things I'm now subscribed to in Workshop; took 20 minutes or something. Sheesh.
And now every time the game starts, it has to spend 30 seconds "downloading" those 1,982 things again. !! (That goes away if you unsubscribe from them in Workshop.)
The whole customization thing through Workshop is horribly inefficient; I don't know if it could have been implemented better--I haven't used it in other Steam games I don't think--but it really bogs things down. Like, I can sub to a wrestler, for for some unfathomable reason that doesn't also sub to their required parts and moves; the parts are listed under their individual listing on Workshop, and you can click through them individually and sub to them one by one, but that's not time efficient--and I don't think their moves ARE listed there, I only saw those in a pop-up box when you examine the wrestler in the game to find out why their name is grayed out and you can't use them ; P So I had to sub to the giant parts collections, blah blah.
A Workshop creator could make a collection that includes all the necessary parts/moves/etc, but TheAvenger3 was making multiple different collections for different sets of wrestlers, etc.
If you unsub to things that doesn't remove them from the game; you can go delete downloaded wrestlers individually, I've read... Of course, you'd then have to do the same for the parts, probably individually? Good luck. Basically just have to clear everything out, unsub everything, desync your save, delete the User directory save folder, etc, and start fresh again. I think there are user-made mod things that may try to manage files a bit better for you, but I ran into increasing mystery glitches when I messed with mods before, so I'm not terribly tempted to do that. : PP
... So hopefully nothing ever goes wrong with this little retro wrestling arrangement I have now. ... : PP
If it does I'd just clear everything out and go back to the default roster again, which is probably where I should have left it, like I probably will with the other Fire Pros, for the most part. But it seemed like I should at least TRY to take advantage of this possibly final (2D?) Fire Pro's killer feature, so I gave it a shot. I mean, if you google peoples' rankings of Fire Pro games, the responses now are just "how could you pick anything other than World, are you crazy" because of the ability to expand it with downloaded stuff, which the previous main Fire Pros didn't have, at least not in a big official way.
Okay so I started noticing uncut graphical fringes and weird sound timings on those characters. I mean, who knows what the quality of the things you download is gonna be. And it also felt depressing... Like, here I am just tooling it up for corporate nostalgia or something? And, I feel like I want the stuff in the game to be the stuff made by the actual devs. Either that, or stupid edits I make myself, for whom I have only myself to blame.
So I've done the whole unsub unsync uninstall delete User dir save files reinstall resync thing and cleared it back down to the defaults again.
So, another Fire Pro session in the books. ; D
The random exhibition match set-up SEEMS more modern or whatnot, going to a screen where you can just hit RANDOM and it loads up a random pair of wrestlers--but it doesn't randomize their outfits, so unless you just want to use 1 outfit per wrestler, you have to go select the wrestler slots, then hit Start to find a random wrestler, then click and move through their outfits--so pretty much the old FP workflow, except now you gotta manually click the slots, instead of going through a linear flow for the whole thing. : P
Also, when you clear all slots with the "Y" button, it also clears your 1P control setting for your default slot and sets it to CP(U), so you have to then reassign that so you can actually participate.
I wonder if that didn't get fixed because most actual players are just running CPU sim battles anyway? (That's what one of the hosts on the CRITICAL podcast mentioned they mostly do in wrestling games, for instance; and looking up uh oh KOC II videos, it was hard to find ones of people actually playing, as opposed to running CPU vs CPU matches.)
When first running the game on a fresh install, it's full-screen 1920x1080, but when I go check the System settings, it actually says its on Windowed 480p. Googling pulls up old Steam forum comments where it's clear that initially the game did not support higher resolutions. Oh say I should try running it 480p with max sharpening in ReShade... Oh, nope, that's just blurry again.
Speaking of ReShade: down to the default 1.0 strength for AdaptiveSharpen. But I've turned on another recommended one from that link: FakeHDR.fx in "SweetFX by"--default settings; it gets rid of World's slightly light gray washed-out look.
A fun one to mess with, although it is a bit harder to see things, is Nostalgia, also in SweetFX (check Dither, set Palette to Commodore Vic-20, Atari ST, or Amstrad CPC ^ ^). And there's CRT in there as well, but that's somewhat less my thing.
Oh, ReShade adds F12 as a screenshot key. : D
  paleface 18:45:45 05/14/24
Download added: 49_reshade.png (52702 bytes)
  "AdaptiveSharpen & FakeHDR shaders in ReShade"
Oops, it's PrtScn as the ReShade screenshot key (you can change it under Settings if you want though!).
  paleface 05:48:04 05/15/24
With PowerISO, I was able to extract about 17 music tracks from my rip of the PC Engine's "Wrestling Universe: Fire Pro Joshi"; I've put 'em in FPWW's "BGM" folder, so they're selectable as the background music under Settings when you're setting up a match. ^ _^ (FPWW only comes with three rather eh tracks.)
  paleface 22:50:59 05/15/24

X-Men for PS3--which I'm now running in RPCS3 in Windows--and Fire Pro Wrestling World for PC have blurry graphics. "Legacy effects - AdaptiveSharpen.fx" in the free post-processing utility ReShade can sharpen them up! But you gotta work around a few things in RPCS3.
Switching X-Men--and ReShade--from Vulkan to OpenGL for RPCS3 a) avoids the crash that can occur when stopping the game and b) means it only affects games in RPCS3 that are set to use OpenGL, so you don't gotta toggle the fx off when switching to your other games, which are probably all on the default renderer, Vulkan.
The other fx I like to use along with AdaptiveSharpen on Fire Pro Wrestling World is "SweetFX by - FakeHDR.fx," which fixes its light gray washed-out look.
For Fire Pro I also show a couple other pixelated fx that are kind of fun to mess with: "SweetFX by - AdvancedCRT.fx" and "SweetFX by - Nostalgia.fx."
Fire Pro Wrestling World is DirectX 11, so you pick "DirectX 10/11/12" when running ReShade's Setup on FireProWrestlingW.exe.
  paleface 11:22:36 06/06/24
Turned FakeHDR "Power" down from default 1.300 to 1.164.
Fights move faster in World than in G/D/Returns; probably not 125% speed compared to them--like you can set in match options in these games; maybe more like 7 to 10% faster. Not sure I prefer it over the more leisurely pace of the earlier games.
  paleface 21:28:08 06/11/24

Trying to play with SirBrak's (@quiblybrak) user-created cel-shaded-style "Masters of the Universe" characters.
Well, as with my previous experiences using Steam Workshop and adding user-created wrestlers to FPWW, this went pretty badly. : P Workshop's interface is terrible, you have to download all the little bits and pieces making up the wrestler separately if the creator hasn't put them all into a collection properly, and they can end up just plain broken and not usable if--well I think what might have happened was the creator, SirBrak, assigned another creator's move to a character, then that other creator deleted the move; in any case, somehow at least one of the SirBrak MOTU characters I tried had a missing move that was identified only by an ID number, did not appear in their list of dependencies to which you had to subscribe, left them with a grayed-out name in the game's character list, and prevented me from picking them for a match.
Also, most of the characters had mostly the same rather generic moves, which got real boring. I found a Heavy or whatever move for I think Lion-O involving a sword, which was kind of neat...but it was also a bit clunky.
Raised the difficulty from 4 to 6 (out of 10), finally got the CPU actually doing something, although now it'll be getting whupped but then go on a crazy runs with combos of moves and just suddenly get real dangerous. = o It seems like I COULD simply spam certain moves that keep working, like an Irish Whip into heavy takedown, or that straight-legged kick to the abdomen, but that kinda gets boring.
Another fantasy match I thought of staging was Spider-Man vs Doctor Doom but I looked up those characters in Workshop after this recording and man, they just look like Fire Pro wrestlers painted red or green. : P
Sooo I've yes wiped the game and done a fresh install and I guess I will just stick to the base Spike wrestlers this time; it's one of the FPW games I have with the FEWEST Spike wrestlers and eh maybe I'm not that into the slightly faster play speed or the blurred/washed-out graphics (ReShade filters help a little with those but still), limited base music, or the super-elaborate moves that started coming in in Returns...but it plays pretty smooth and it has characters other Fire Pro games don't--being licensed and all--so I suppose I'll keep it around, even if maybe I prefer the earlier games I have in the series like Joshi-Zenjo, G with its nice low-res pixel look, and all those kooky fantasy DLC characters and cool music in D.
  paleface 19:53:24 06/13/24

Maybe the way your 1P control reverts to CP when you clear selected wrestlers shows that this Fire Pro was definitely made for "simming" CPU vs CPU matches, because otherwise people would have complained about having to reset the 1P setting for at least one wrestler constantly!
The game as a simulator may also explain other things kinda lacking vs earlier Fire Pros like no random select for mats, venues, or music, relatively few wrestlers, costumes, refs, mats, and music tracks, and kinda weird difficulty: I have to put it on difficulty level 6 (of 10) to hope to have a decent match, whereas in earlier games, it's 4; and here, one over (level 7) and the AI SEEMS not so hard for a good long while, but eventually goes HAM and I suddenly can't win a single easy throw, get tired/stunned, and it's lights right out, which is not so fun.
The discrepancy in the level of visual detail between various developer-created wrestlers is jarring, and I think I'm just not that keen on their HD rendition of their wrestlers, where they're kinda blurred / smoothed or have oddly incredibly detailed fancy hairdos or whatever, but look more puppet-like and dead-eyed than ever. I mean I'm having to use several ReShade filters just to get the game not to look really blurry and washed-out.
Some wrestlers just seem not very effective / easily beaten, although of course that could have just been my lack of skill. But the included base & DLC wrestlers do seem a bit of a mixed bag. I wonder if the devs being stuck re-creating specific modern licensed wrestlers vs being able to make whoever the heck they wanted in the previous unlicensed games left them with a bit less inspiration for some characters.
Maybe it's just my limited fight knowledge but I seem to run into an awful lot of the sort of slap-off sequences, which I don't find very fun. : P
I did at least find, I think, that when you pick up your opponent, you MAYBE? have an advantage in the ensuing grapple lock-up, and can even get back grapples (oh well there's also like a shoulder button to slip behind for back grapples or something, maybe? Or am I confusing this with the AKI games?), so this opens up a whole other avenue for offense once you're deep enough into a match that the opponent can be picked-up without snapping out of their daze instantly.
HOPEFULLY going back down to CPU level 6 (started at 7 here, that was weird) will let me find more consistent matches, 'cause with the uneven results here and various UI annoyances, this is seeming like more trouble than it's worth compared to say FP D or Returns!
Okay, given that I was finding it a bit of a bumpy road with the base/DLC wrestlers here, since recording I've finally cleared the base/DLC wrestlers out, and replaced them with the thousands of pre-90s wrestlers (and loads of referees!) made by Workshop creator DJKM77 @djkm77 , who's been doing this since at least Fire Pro Returns. Switching to these user-made wrestlers has really transformed the game and made it feel like a proper Fire Pro, and at last I think I'm starting to see why World vets all say there's no point playing any Fire Pro BUT World. So that's what'll be going on in the next episode!
(Oh also I think I was wrong about World being faster than the previous Fire Pros--switching back and forth with them, it seems about the same speed really.)
(After recording, set the FakeHDR ReShade filter back up to the default strength of 1.3--had lowered it a bit but was maybe a tad washed-out that way.)
  paleface 18:00:19 06/14/24

Exhibition matches with the nearly 2000 pre-'90s edit wrestlers made by DJKM77 (@djkm77) in "Fire Pro Wrestling World," the Steam version in Windows!
Having way more fun than I should googling the histories of these wrestlers pre-match. : )
I read the line-broken "Salvator e Bellomo" : P.
I screwed up, lots of DJ's Puroresu collection edits are '90s on--including Tiger Mask III--even read that while Googling & didn't notice! And there were other wrestlers I'd missed! Had to uninstall/unsub, and go through all DJ's collections (esp Refs which are from all eras (but yay ref Gorilla Monsoon!), & Vintage Lucha Libre which says pre-'90s but has some 90s stuff). Now at just under 2000.
Spike's licensed wrestlers weren't clicking for me, so I finally cleared them out--deleted their teams, sending them into the "Retirement" team--and replaced them with the thousands of pre-'90s edit wrestlers made by creator DJKM77 (who's also made plenty of '90s and beyond wrestlers!), who's been making them since Fire Pro Returns--and is still making them, releasing 3 more classic wrestlers in Steam Workshop ~3 weeks ago!
In a 2018 post he says "Some day I hope to port over my entire collection of about 10,000 edits from Returns to World while also making edits of new wrestlers."
NOW the game finally feels like a real Fire Pro--forget those licensed hipsters with their fancy hair, gimme big lugs with tight shorts & mullets! ^ D^
Love the move lists on the pause menu so I can look up Finishers & even just the names of the wrestlers, which I always forget. ; D
Some of them DO have old-fashioned plain pins on Medium.
The grapples are named Small / Medium / Big ; D -- saw that in the fancy HTML FAQ on GameFAQs (oops which is not new, I think I mistakenly said it was--there was sOME new FAQ I just looked at for an old game but uh not this one), and in the official manual:
But ah the STRIKES are called Weak / Medium / Strong -- man, this is just like ol' Street Fighter having three different strength names for punches vs kicks. ; D
(Btw the first "Fire Pro" game, "Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag," came out in '89, and the first Street Fighter came out in '87--BUT the Nintendo-published "Pro Wrestling" for NES that came out in '86 in Japan (Famicom Disk System, and Famicom) was made by Masato Masuda at TRY, which would merge with Sonata to form Human, where Masuda created the Fire Pro series--and "Pro Wrestling" plays very similarly to a Fire Pro, except it's still mashing instead of a single timed press for the grapples. So Fire Pro KINDA pre-dates SF.)
According to the manual, "When the wrestlers perform the same move while grappling, they go into a 'Contest of Strength.' Rotate the directional pad or left stick rapidly to win."
The back & forth hit exchange is a "Strike Contest": "A front grapple will sometimes escalate into a strike contest." ... "When they start to exchange blows, rapidly press the A/B/X/Y buttons. The outcome is determined by who initiated the strike contest and who won the button-pressing contest."
(Mash MED to escape a pin. SPIN the pad/stick to get out of a submission.) (Mash "any button(s) rapidly" to "recover from knockdown.")
(I do mashing AND spinning 'cause who can remember all that, haghgh. Uh except in Contest of Strength because that one really looked to me like would be just mashing, but nooo wrong.)
OH there are 2 run-up-post moves: run plus SML to springboard to a standing opponent, & run plus MED to springboard to a downed opponent. Who's gonna remember that? Why not 1 that does both?
You can use the buttons to do a counter when being Irish Whipped? (And Breathe button to dodge.) (A later page under "Irish Whip Counter" says SML grabs the rope to stop, MED does "stop at the rope and counter attack.")
Manual says any of the SML/MED/BIG/SML-plus-MED attacks are for both standing & downed opponents from the post, whereas the FAQ says SML and MED are "generally" for downed opponents, BIG "generally" for standing opponents.
  paleface 21:01:30 06/22/24

The first Fire Pro game, Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag, came out on June 22nd, 1989 in Japan--making today the 35th anniversary of the series! = D
In this impromptu video I was bumbling around making and testing a plain all-black custom ring, and babbling about whatever FP-related stuff drifted through my vacant head--like the new charity FPWW DLC announced today for Japan, and whether a hypothetical 3D Fire Pro would be a good thing--while very absentmindedly playing test matches of Ernie Dusek vs Great Kojika--edits by DJKM77 ( @djkm77 ).
I like the all-black ring in USA Grand Dome (the cement walls place), Yurakuen Hall (wood floor w/ blue-purple carpet, dimmed audience), SCS Stadium (black w/ blue lights, saggy black cloth barriers), and especially in Big Garden Arena (concrete barriers w/ orange lighting, purple floor).
  paleface 21:17:35 06/22/24
OH I tried looking up what their 35th anniversary "campaign" they announced a week ago on their Twitter ended up being, but they've tweeted so infrequently that I mistook a Jan 22, 2020 tweet about then-charity DLC for the current anniversary. OOPS!!!
So maybe when this GameFAQs poster said the anniversary campaign turned out to be a "t-shirt giveaway in Japan only" , they meant actual physical t-shirts. ^ _^
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· Fire Pro Joshi: Doumu Choujo Taisen - Zenjo vs JWP (PCCD)
· Fire Pro Wrestling 2 (GBA)
· Fire Pro Wrestling D (DC)
· Fire Prowrestling G (PS1)
· Fire ProWrestling IRON SLAM '96 (PS1)
· Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (PS2)
· Fire Prowrestling Z (PS2)
· Pro Wrestling (NES)
· ReShade (PC)

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