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Fire Prowrestling Z
  opened by paleface at 03:42:03 09/25/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Wrestling; reg=JPN]
Much less graphically striking than Fire Pro D as the camera stays zoomed out further, making the sprites look smaller, and of course the PS2 can't match the crispness of the DC's VGA output.
There are a few new techniques to add to the game's vast repertoire of possible moves--I'm not really enough of a Fire Pro slut to know them off the top of my head, but there are certainly many more reversal possibilities this time around, it seems like.
I haven't messed with it yet but I hear in edit mode you can now layer pieces on top of each other, which significantly increases the design possibilities for those in to the CAW scene as it were. And being able to save everything to one big PS2 mem card, rather than having to split them over multiple cards on the DC, is a great boon. Of course, I don't think you can download weekly add-on moves as you could with FPD.
The main reason I was excited about FPZ was the return of a story mode (last seen in Fire Pro G--see entry 81). And I'm not let down as you now get four, not just one, stories to play through, with of course branching possibilities based on wins/losses and your responses to two-option choices at certain critical junctures. Outside of the increasingly difficult and highly-varied bouts you're mostly staring at well-drawn static sprites and Japanese text shown over a static background, with some muzak playing gently, and this does get a bit dull (particularly as I have very little idea what's going on, what with not having found a translation yet) but the fights are good. Oh, how I burn for a rematch with that dastard Tommy who stole a fight from me in my tender years!
And of course you can run tournaments or various cage matches or 4-on-4 "tornado battles" (4 players vs 4 CPU characters, that is) and all that good Fire Pro stuff. If you have D already and aren't that much of a fiend for editing or story-mode play, there wouldn't be much reason to get this supposedly last installment of the series, but if you by chance do enjoy wrestler editing of playing through story mode affairs, well, you've almost certainly already got this game.
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