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Fire Prowrestling G
  opened by paleface at 02:05:55 08/18/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Wrestling; loc=JPN]
It's like the Dreamcast's Fire Prowrestling D except with less edits, fewer move types and grainier graphics (though they are, as ever, based around those wonderfully versatile compound sprites). So why the dickens would you want it if you already have D?
For me the answer is the "Fighting Road" mode, in which you take this fellow whose name I forget on an RPG-ish journey from a wrestling novice to king of the professional circuit. You have conversations with your current peers and trainers, during which you get to make choices that will develop your skills/attributes in certain ways, or shape the future path of your career, then you wrestle someone, the outcome possibly affecting for who and against who you fight next, and so forth. There's quite a bit of text but there are, thankfully, some very good translations available.
The personal focus and story in this mode, as well as the huge array of well-drawn character portraits, make it much more interesting than, if not quite as broad in scope as, the generic "Victory Road" mode in Fire Pro D. Sure, you can't run your cool edit character through Fighting Road, but at least in the (relative) short term you get a much more story-like experience, and then you can go back to D wiser in the ways of professional wrestling federations.
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