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1.420NGPCWrestlingJPNBig Bang Pro Wrestling
2.45PS1WrestlingJPNChampion Wrestler
3.514PCEWrestlingJPNChampion Wrestler
4.922PS2WrestlingJPNFire Pro Returns
5.635GBAWrestlingNAFire Pro Wrestling 2
6.81PS1WrestlingJPNFire Prowrestling G
7.82PS1WrestlingJPNFire ProWrestling IRON SLAM '96
8.331PS2WrestlingJPNFire Prowrestling Z
9.97DCWrestlingJPNGiant Gram 2000
10.145GCWrestlingJPNKinniku Man II: New generation vs Legend
11.1038PSPWrestlingJPNKinnikuman Muscle Generations
12.436PS1WrestlingJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol58: The Sumo
13.288DCWrestlingJPNToukon Retsuden 4
14.616PCCDWrestlingJPNWrestling Universe: Fire Pro Woman Dream Bout - All Women vs JWP
15.740PCBWrestlingNAWWF Royal Rumble
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