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ACA NEOGEO 3 Count Bout
  opened by paleface at 21:09:13 06/14/22  
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Wrestling; loc=NA]
Incoherent video of me getting wrecked! On PS4!

I failed to grasp the controls or game logic of ACA NEOGEO 3 Count Bout! And hit a wall after winning a single grapple--each time--in match 3. Oof!
Watching @TheInnocentSinful's play-through of 3 Count Bout _YGGCF7lBaU , match 3 was his toughest fight--his health was whittled right down too, but he managed not to get pinned, and eventually got the opponent's health down by spamming jabs and getting in some rather amazing flying hits. He had two or three later bouts where he couldn't win most of the grapples, either, but was able to mash jabs to get their health down.
Did I say in here that Technos Japan had done Aggressors of Dark Kombat on NEOGEO? If I did, that's incorrect--meant to say Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. And I guess I can't say I know if it's bad or not, I think I only played it on emulator in the early 2000s. : P It's got red flashes and stuff though so I'll have to stay away.
Looks like I'd better stick to regular fighting games! = o ; ) 'p'
  paleface 22:40:32 02/02/23 [relations updated]
Capcom's Saturday Night Slam Masters CPS1 wrestling game came out just 3.5 months after SNK's 3 Count Bout MVS wrestling game in 1993; 3CB is a lot flashier, and hard to follow; SatNiteSlam is more of a traditional bash-the-buttons wrestler.
· Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium (PS4)

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