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Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium
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  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Action_Variety; reg=NA]
A new free compilation DLC holder thingy for Capcom arcade games. This time around lots are fighting games already on current consoles in other Capcom compilations--where they probably have better input delay due to NOT running MAME through Capcom's latest 3D engine.
But games are just $1.99 each so that ain't bad if you find one you like.
  paleface 22:41:04 02/02/23 [relations updated]
Capcom's Saturday Night Slam Masters CPS1 wrestling game came out just 3.5 months after SNK's 3 Count Bout MVS wrestling game in 1993; 3CB is a lot flashier, and hard to follow; SatNiteSlam is more of a traditional bash-the-buttons wrestler.
  paleface 23:00:48 02/02/23 [relations updated]
I got 3 Wonders from pre-ordering Capcom Fighting Collection, I think.
CFC has all the Darkstalkers games; 2ndStad has like most of them, less efficiently emulated. : P
  paleface 23:02:10 02/02/23

Trying out "Saturday Night Slam Masters" on PS4 in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium--and a few other games I happen to have in there.
A proper old fashioned wrestling game with lots of stick waggling and button mashing to encourage the moves to work--or to resist them!
Unlike in Hamster's Arcade Archives series, when playing Stadium's leaderboard scoring mode, you can still pause the game. A score of 138500 got me to rank 63--it registered in just over a minute, which is a lot faster than they tend to in Arcade Archives.
Seemed to score at least twice as many points per match in Team Battle as in Single Match mode. Welll I guess that makes sense since there are twice as many people fighting? : P But it isn't twice as hard, in fact it seems easier but maybe that's because the AI team mate is better than me. ^ _^ Both modes seem to put scores on the same table, though--I don't think it makes any distinction.
The two end characters on the character select screen, Jumbo and Scorpion, are the boss characters, apparently; they're the two not on the Single Match char select screen.
Didn't care for the 4x or whatever speed "Special Challenge" mode. : P
Haggar's daughter's name is Jessica, not "Miriam" or whatever I called her. Oh I was probably thinking of "Marian" from Double Dragon.
According to Wikipedia, English versions of the character bios make a few connections to Street Fighter II characters.
Haggar's nickname is "Macho"??
I mentioned how fighter-like the very horizontal ring is--well, the game got a couple follow-ups, and the second, called "Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II," actually gets rid of pins and restricts you to a single horizontal plane inside the ring! It has two punch and two kick buttons, and grapple button. SNSM is a CPS1 game; RoD is CPS2.
(The first SNSM follow-up, "Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team Battle," is an updated version of SNSM with only the Team Battle mode; multiple players can pick the same character, and each character has two new special moves.)
  paleface 21:22:38 02/08/23

Biff Slamkovich, "The Rocking Ruskie" from Kiev, "Russia," has relatively short-range striking attacks, but he seems to be pretty good at grappling, and his drop-kick is pretty darn great once you get the high contact point of it down.
Raised my high score from 138.5K (rank 63) to 164.5K (rank 49). : ) Curiously, while the high score run ended with Biff submitting (: oo) and then Scorp just rolling out of the ring (I guess the AI doesn't fight on after you bite it?), the opposing team were also marked "LOSER" in the match-ending screen. Everybody lost! :"D
Starting to think Saturday Night Slam Masters might be just about my favorite fighting game. Isometric movement sure feels freeing. ^ _^ Each character has a few special moves--an updated version added two more specials per character but heck, you shouldn't need more than two, right??--but there are no super moves, which I tend to dislike, and no other big type of flashy FX. It was made by the people who made SFII and Final Fight, and it's like it took all the best things from those games without the annoying parts, and the sprites are bigger and better than the sprites in either of them. It's got 2 on 2, simultaneous, so tops the whole dang Vs. series. ; ) Plus, wrestling. And a shiny gold logo (which the updated version doesn't have! 8o).
I'm not sure how that can be topped. = D
  paleface 03:49:07 03/31/23
Forgot Pin is a separate button and I for some reason put it on R1. : P
  paleface 19:35:39 04/01/23

Did slightly better than I managed with Gunloc, I guess, but not much. For a while it seemed to be my partners getting worked! Tried various partners but still didn't do so great, and did even worse when I tried going solo! Didn't feel like I was particularly bad with Oni--and his bang-two-buttons special seems really good for clearing out people around you--but somehow just not managing to put much together in terms of actual wins with him.
  paleface 20:50:20 04/03/23

Had played smaller characters Gunloc and The Great Oni and had struggled and was starting to think maybe Sat Nite wasn't for me, but decided to give a bunch of bigger characters a try (had played Jumbo and Biff first of any and liked them) and hey did better and had more fun, even got a few new high scores; 182,000 with Grater got me to 49th in the online ranking!
Some interesting quirks, too; Titan's got a great running boot, but doesn't have any ground attacks (no stomp), whereas I think it was Grater is really good at ground attacks, but horrible at front grapples; and Rasta Mon can keep his rapid arm swinging going for quite some time--ultra-dangerous if he traps someone in the corner with it!
  paleface 23:17:06 03/23/24

Trying some ACA NEOGEO 3 Count Bout, and playing through Saturday Night Slam Masters from Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium as Mike "Macho" Haggar, on PS4! (And a couple other CA2S games.)
A video of the Saturn game Fire Pro Gaiden: Blazing Tornado

revived my hunger for big wrestling sprites; that game plays like a simplified Fire Pro which is not what I'm after but it occurred to me that NEOGEO 3 Count Bout and Capcom's arcade Saturday Night Slam Masters have pretty big sprites so I downloaded those and game 'em another whirl on the ol' PS4!
Forgot how much I can't handle the control in 3 Count Bout. : PP And dang the CPU is annoying with its special ranged attacks--fire, chain whip. Blaghrhgh
But it occurred to me that maybe Slam Masters would be a better fighting experience than I'd given it credit for if I played it 1-on-1 instead of 2-on-2 like I had been doing. Oh and if I set it to EASY. ^ D^ Some of the end foes are kind of pains but yep, definitely got more out of it this way. : D Cleared EASY w/ Haggar, wooo.
Also a little SonSon and Don't Pull (Three Wonders) in CA2S.
(The Mega Man "Power" arcade games in CA2S are a bit too on the flashy side; also, I don't really like their art style--I'll stick with the lovely NGPC combo version. : D)
This was an unplanned session which is my excuse for possibly having the recording in the wrong color scheme (slightly blown-out color).
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