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Capcom Arcade Cabinet
  opened by paleface at 12:02:03 09/17/23  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Action_Variety; loc=NA]
I own this and some of the games for it but I'm too lazy to find it in my download list and reinstall it so I'm relying largely on Wikipedia to fill in the details for me : P . It's a collection of up to what Wikipedia says are 17 Capcom arcade games, although they were sold in a sort of confusing way through separate grouped "packs."
Made by M2, which back then was the gold standard in emulation on consoles. The games ran fine as far as I can recall. I seem to recall they had more graphic options than I felt comfortable with. ; )
I had The Speed Rumbler in it, for instance. I'd liked that game in the arcade but had never felt good enough at it to invest lots of quarters, so this seemed like a great chance to get into it. But I didn't. Was it still too hard? Were credits limited? They couldn't have been, could they? Wikipedia doesn't answer. Oh heck I am gonna have to reinstall it, aren't I?
  paleface 12:24:50 09/17/23
The free (I think) base game included Black Tiger, and trial versions of 1943 and Avengers.
According to the DLC release dates on the PSN store currently, only one "pack" was available with the Feb 19 2013 launch: the "1987 Pack" with 1943 and Avengers (and "trial versions" of the games that would come out in the next "pack," two weeks later). That lists for $4.99 now. More year-themed "packs" were dribbled out in the next few months, ranging in price and number of included games. And then a few weeks later they would release the included games individually for $3.99. Finally, possibly realizing they'd botched this whole thing, on May 21st, they released a completely separate version of the Cabinet--titled in all caps in the PSN store, not confusing at all...--for $30.00, with apparently all the games included.
  paleface 13:11:52 09/17/23
Credits are NOT limited, so I guess I just wimped out or got tired of it or something. Runs in 1080p, somewhat unusual for PS3 games but pretty standard for M2's PS3 output.
  paleface 20:08:35 09/18/23
Download added: 00_psn_search.jpg (38248 bytes)

The Speed Rumbler. Rad game. 44,100 pts on "Ultimate" difficulty for the online rankings (International Version). I'll probably be trying to play through on the Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium (PC/Steam) version 'cause it's a little more convenient and makes for sharper recording anyway vs component video from the PS3, but this PS3 version by M2 PROBABLY plays the best. Lots of options in the complicated menus. ; _) You can also play the Japanese version, "Rush & Crash."
2nd Stadium version is half the price, it should be noted! $1.99 vs $3.99. The DLC scheme for Cabinet was messed up and went through a few contortions:
At first, games were coming out in year-themed "packs" of two or three games, every two weeks; the pack would also include "trial" versions of the next pack's games--trial seems to mean you can play like the first two stages of the game. In packs, game cost about $3 each. Two weeks after coming out in a pack, you could purchase the pack's games individually for $3.99 each; purchasing an individual game also got you "trial" versions of the next pack's games, I think. None of this was confusing at all, no sir. ": PPP
Then, three months after launch, I suppose by which time all 15 DLC games had been trickled out (get all and you got two bonus games, 1943 Kai and Vulgus; by the way I was muddled on this in the video, it is 17 games TOTAL, including the two bonus games), they came out with an "ALL-IN-ONE" version of Cabinet with all the games included, differentiated by being titled IN ALL CAPS in the PSN Store, for $30. : PP
The whole scheme seemed like kind of a disaster, and maybe they didn't help themselves by not putting in their heavy hitting fighting and beat em up games; this collection sticks to their earlier, mid-80s stuff.
Super solid conversion job by M2 though.
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