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Champion Wrestler
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  "Champion Wrestler PCE and PS1 are quite different."
Fun stick-waggling wrestler from Taito, and quite different from the PS1 incarnation (see entry 45) which chucked the stick-waggling in favor of a Fire Pro-style precision button scheme.
None of that here though! Pick your wacky wrestler (Rastan!) and waggle that stick furiously (no snickering!) to build up power with which to beat down your opponent. Flying jump kicks and elbows are the main weapons of the day, in addition to a somewhat generic pick-up-and-throw resulting from having more power in a grapple. Hmm come to think of it the Irish Whip move might require some timing, I didn't try that one much.
The striking and ground mechanics are really sloppy. Perhaps it's a symptom of having only two buttons, but once you dump someone on the ground you either go for a flying foot stomp or a pin, usually the foot stomp. The thing is, even a near-dead AI opponent will get up right away, so there isn't any point to doing the foot stomp but you always do because it happens when you push the normal attack/throw button immediately after throwing an opponent. You even get sequences where you and the opponent are just taking turns bouncing off the canvas, because the foot stomp kicks in for both of you in the split-second that the other guy is on the mat after doing his own (failed) stomp. Silly!
The game supports up to four players, I haven't tried yet so I'm not sure if it is tag-team or two-on-two at once.
The game is fun for some energetic smashing. Although each of the eight or so characters has a few unique moves, overall they play pretty much alike, and the sprites (rather weedy ones at that) look pretty similar in the ring. Not much depth but as far as arcadey wrestlers go, it's fairly amusing in small doses.
  paleface 10:51:28 09/21/22
"M.Rastan" is "Miracle Rastan," according to .
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