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WCW/nWo Revenge
  opened by paleface at 01:49:52 03/21/23  
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  paleface [sys=N64; cat=Wrestling; reg=NA]

Trying to work out AKI Corporation's "WCW/nWo Revenge," dumped with a Sanni Cart Reader V5 and played in the N64 emulator Mupen64, at the default Easy difficulty.
Didn't know what I was doing in Revenge or Mupen64 so this was a bit of a mess. = P
Felt flat after this session, maybe something to do with 5 hours of wildness with 1000s of edits and 8-at-once action in Fire Pro Wrestling World the day before. It made me re-examine my resolve NOT to get AKI's later WWF No Mercy, and...well, after another look, No Mercy sure seems a lot faster (even in 4-character matches, at least when played via emulation) and more varied than Revenge, with more moves, livelier AI, more distinct character models, much better music and lighting--and dang that wrestler editor really does look like something you can chill with. Basically No Mercy is looking sleeker and more groovalicious than the chunkier and clunkier Revenge (although I was grooving pretty good with somebody in a Revenge Battle Royal after hours comparison test, dang I should'a paid attention to who that was, some shirtless guy in the usual tight shorts is all I got).
(Oh huh No Mercy has Funaki (see entry 1535 for Funaki's SFC game) and Andre the Giant as secrets/unlockables.)
(So yes apparently when I'm slating a game I don't own it's because I'm trying and generally failing to convince myself NOT to buy it. ; D)
No Mercy though seems prone to texture glitches in Mupen64, so I guess it'll be back to Project64--it and Revenge seem to capture with really weird tearing in fullscreen under Project64--some kind of slightly off refresh rate or something there even with Vsync, I dunno--but all right when run in a window.
These AKI N64 wrestling games are natively 30 fps, so if you see someone proudly proclaiming the 60fps-ness of their Revenge or No Mercy video, well, they haven't paid attention to the game's actual framerate. Run one of those videos on YouTube in 60fps, then pause and advance one frame at a time with the "." (period) key on your keyboard and you'll see they only actually update every other "60fps" frame--at most.
Mupen pretty much just worked with Revenge when run with command line parameters like
--resolution 1440x1080 --fullscreen wcw.z64
(it doesn't seem to do zipped ROMs) except that I eventually realized the C buttons (via the DualShock4's right analog stick) weren't working right--was only getting two "directions" and they were the wrong ones; with trial and error found I had to change four values under "Sony DS4"in InputAutoCfg.ini:
C Button R = axis(2+)
C Button L = axis(2-)
C Button D = axis(3+)
C Button U = axis(3-)
and then it ran pretty much perfectly; in full-screen the 4:3 display was on the left side of my 1920x1080 screen rather than centered, which is sorta weird, but I just moved my chair over a bit. ^ ^) Hm and I thought I'd got AA to work through the Nvidia control panel but it sure wasn't on here after all, oops.
The N64 seems like an interesting beast; for all its baffling C "button" (oh heck somehow I thought the C thing was a little yellow nub stick, now that I actually look it's four separate face buttons, Ah), it has just two main action buttons, and in Revenge I found myself getting into just pounding away with subconscious frequencies on A, B, and L; with just one attack and one grapple button the game seems designed for more groove play than a Fire Pro, where you have to decide which of three or more buttons plus four directions you're going to go with at any time.
  paleface 05:46:11 03/21/23
(Managed to get the sound level wrong as I often do when taking on a new game, although in this case I overcompensated for my usual game-too-loudness and left it way too quiet! It's tough to balance against the mic what with the constant grinding music and surging crowd sounds. Oh well if I play it again it'll be a bit better, and hopefully I'll get No Mercy down a bit better sound-wise, I think it's got slightly better crowd/music sound levels anyway.)
  paleface 19:03:22 03/22/23
(Oops, re: the mention earlier of "Funaki" being a hidden character in No Mercy, it isn't Pancrase founder Masakatsu Funaki--who obviously wouldn't be in a WWF game--it's Shoichi Funaki, who had joined the WWF in 1998.)
  paleface 17:22:52 04/16/23

Tag team matches in WWF No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge!
Mostly I had to wait until one opponent was occupied somehow, usually out of the ring, then try to get the pin on the other one in the ring.
Finally figured out it's up+C to get through the ropes. : P (Well almost, I think I was thinking you had to point with the d-pad at the same time, but maybe you don't.)
Can't figure out which tag I like better! Maybe I'm starting to lean toward Revenge because it's a little brighter and weirder and wackier?? There are ninjas and sumos and luchas and baby bobbleheads and stuff!
The music in some of WCW's venues isn't quite as bad as in others; maybe overall it isn't THAT much worse than No Mercy's music. ; )
I hadn't liked that Hold A is drag downed opponent in Revenge...but I can never remember which button it moved to in No Mercy. ; D (It's up + C. The C buttons are so darned unintuitive! : P)
Revenge I think defaulted to 10 seconds "Tag Help Time" (as No Mercy calls it) for your partner to come in when you need an assist, while No Mercy seems to have defaulted to just 5 seconds; I liked how AI help had gone in my previous Revenge tag match better than my first No Mercy match, so I raised No Mercy's THT to 10 seconds, and that did seem to help make things mixier. ^) ^
Gotta remember Irish Whip is down C. So is (with d-pad) climb turnbuckle.
In NM I kept looking for what apparently are "Flying Attacks (opponent out of ring)": pad + A (grapple button) from ropes, and down C + A running to ropes/turnbuckle; same for Revenge (I could swear I tried that but maybe I was hitting B instead of A?
According to GameFAQs NM message board posts, Up + C throws opponents out of the ring. It isn't mentioned in either manual. And I could swear I tried it and it didn't do anything. One mentions "press C-Up while pushing towards the ropes" and I'm not sure what that means. D pad?
^ I think Up + C is not an actual throw-out-of-ring command. I was probably confusing it with Fire Pro Wrestling World, which DOES have a throw-out-of-ring command. According to this No Mercy video on eliminating opponents, , the way to get them out is basically to hit them out, not throw them out. Well I guess that solves that confusion.
Apparently ( ), the wrestlers in "EWF" and "DAW" in Revenge are fictional: AKI MAN, Shogun, Executioner, Dr. Frank, Jekel, Maya Inca Boy (EWF), Hawk Hana, Kim Chee, Dake Ken, Brickowski, Ming Chee, Han Zo Mon (DAW). Which is to say, they're based on Japanese wrestlers, under fictional names & costumes!
Revenge's Riggs & Sick Boy look almost identical but are actually two different people in RL. : P
  paleface 17:43:13 05/29/23

A WCW/nWo Revenge tag team exhibition match of me as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage vs the CPU's Lex Luger and Raven, on some easy difficulty--but it's been too long since I played last and I can't handle/remember a lot of the controls, like uhh A+d-pad to drag opponent, up+C+d-pad to tag and enter the ring, and gosh what was that pin button anyway (left trigger : P). So as usual it took me ages to finish the match! ; D
  paleface 13:12:23 07/02/23
Has frame stutter if I try recording in OBS at 29.97 (see entry 1636), so keep it recording at 30.
  paleface 19:13:30 07/14/23

More N64 WCW/nWo Revenge exhibition tag team matches in Mupen64Plus with my Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, this time vs the fictional characters Dr. Frank and Executioner. Still bad at closing out matches! ; D
I was checking to see if using the analog controller annoyed my beat up old shoulder here like it does in driving and pinball video games--but not in Wolfenstein 3D! I set up my cheap replacement "Voyee" PS3 game pad to play it with this time--since that's what worked in Wolf--instead of the DS4 I'd been using. Still got the dumb ol' shoulder getting a bit stiff and sore with it so I'll probably have to stick to simple arcade stick fightin' games for a while.
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