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Funaki Masakatsu Hybrid Wrestler: Tougi Denshou
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  paleface [sys=SNES; cat=Wrestling; loc=JPN]
1994 wrestling game by Technos Japan. I've read people saying that it uses the "engine" of their still-popular 1991 "WWF WrestleFest" arcade game, but I haven't played that.
Google title translation: "Masakatsu Funaki Hybrid Wrestler: Martial Arts Tradition."
Masakatsu Funaki is a Japanese wrestler who founded Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling--"Hybrid," I think, because the organization's rules allowed a mix of martial arts and wrestling, ie MMA; "Pancrase" is based on the Greek wrestling sport pankration--see also Jeffry McWild from Virtua Fighter. ^ _^ Funaki himself, among other nicknames, was known as "The Hybrid Wrestler."
There's create-a-wrestler stuff in here via hefty Japanese menus; there's also Japanese in-match text commentary. I downloaded the translation patch from ; I "headered" the ROM and applied the translation patch with Advanced SNES ROM Utility from .
  paleface 20:20:22 03/14/23

High-impact arcade wrestling action from Technos Japan--with a Create-a-Wrestler career mode! Just two problems so far:
1) While you can learn moves in the ring, you can only map so many to your character's available action slots (which are still defined in Japanese even after I've applied the English fan translation), so in any one match you're basically using just a handful of moves.
The action still feels good so I wouldn't mind that much, except that
2) You get AWAY with using a mere handful of moves. In about an hour and a half I've smashed through a dozen matches and what looks like about half of the career mode: I've defeated the ten or so defined wrestlers--Funaki himself, founder of Pancrase, with the rest being renamed versions of real wrestlers, apparently--won the circuit title, pumped my stats, aged from 18 to 30, married a French princess (picked from about 6 screens of marriage offers, triggering an instant wedding, then happy news of a son a year or so later--now I just have to keep an eye on the "Lineage" menu item to see when he develops into a new wrestler, it looks like), and am currently crushing through the triple belt challenge without encountering any sign of increased resistance.
So unless something major unlocks--like a higher difficulty circuit, basically--I'll have finished career mode in maybe three hours or so at this rate. Then I suppose I could try going through again with wrestlers using the other half-dozen wrestling styles available, but there won't be much reason to bother when the opposition puts up such weak resistance.
Probably ripping good fun two-player, but single-player so far is looking like a bust.
The game switches to a slightly lower resolution when wrestling, which requires toggling Mesen to windowed and back to full screen so it can rescale itself and not run at sub-screen size. I'll just have to get in the habit of toggling the emulator screen to rescale it whenever a match starts. : P
  paleface 21:58:58 03/21/23

Technos Japan's brutal life simulator!
Starting from age 18, my career wrestler aged a year per match; by their upper 20s they began losing moves; by 30 their skill numbers were definitely going down way faster than I could build them up; by 34, after going undefeated with them to that point and finding the game much too easy, I could no longer win a match with them, even against opponents I had crushed before. Nothing left to do but click "Retire" and have the game show a celebratory picture as it deleted the character.
Hah I could never remember to toggle windowed/fullscreen to force Mesen to scale the lower res fights to full. : P
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