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Wrestling Empire
  opened by paleface at 00:07:13 03/08/23  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Wrestling; loc=EUR]
  paleface 23:02:33 03/08/23
Dev MDickie has been making his own weird wrestling games for 20 years! This one's in the style of AKI's N64 wrestling games.
(Heard about WE from krangledangle in his 1st WCW/nWo Revenge video )
Table match ended when my opponent just fell off the apron and onto a table. ^ D^
Relatively simple controls: 4 buttons & 1 control stick for the actual wrestling moves.
Camera settings are awkward. You can turn off Gore.
Oh! It's 30 fps like AKI N64 games. "Smooth" Speed setting is 60 fps. 200% speed also 60. Accidentally played mostly 100%/30fps after the save reset. 110% would be 33 fps; think I'll stick to "Smooth" then. Pause menu settings (Camera, Speed) don't save on their own, have to trigger a save by say toggling a setting in main game Options. AA helps but VSync chokes.
· Wrestling Empire Demo (PC)

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