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DS Lite
  opened by paleface at 02:36:13 07/11/06  
  paleface [sys=DS; cat=Hardware; loc=NA]
Nintendo has long been in the habit of releasing somewhat clunky initial versions of their handhelds, then following up several years later with sleek new versions that make everyone buy them all over again. Pretty clever. The "Lite" is the answer to the bulk problem of the original DS (see entry 776). It's certainly a lot smaller, and sleeker, and hiply styled in white like an iPod. The p-pad is smaller, which is a shame; and you know, I never realized before that the DS face buttons are so tiny (they're the same size here as on the original, though).
Come to that, I hadn't realized before that the DS has a "sleep" mode built in when you fold it shut. I've heard that it doesn't work with some games (like urgh whatever that one is where you decorate your own home), and in the game I tried it with, the game characters actually spoke to me when activating and deactivating it, so it might have to be programmed specifically for each game or something. I'm told that it can last a week or so on full charge, which is kind of not so great considering that the PSP (see entry 919) lasts pretty much indefinitely in its sleep mode, but hey, some sleep mode is better than none.
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