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Christmas NiGHTS
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  "Strolling around on the landscape in search of meaning."
A special holiday adventure follow-up for the 3D platformer "NiGHTS Into Dreams." I've never really spend much time with NiGHTS, but I can't say I feel interested enough to do so. There's something to do with collecting colored gems to advance to the next level or something, but to me it just looks like more or less pointless semi-free-roaming in a graphical mess. From far away the graphics have a nice color scheme, and pleasant fantasy constructions of floating water bubbles and so forth, but up close they look not-so-great, and the control is sluggish, particularly when you lose your "NiGHTS" form or whatever it is, and have to trudge around on the ugly landscape as a kid, trying to find some gems or something. It's got the "collecting" platformer aspect from Sonic, which I abhor, but it's far worse here due to the lack of speed, linearity, and purpose. Blegh.

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