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Princess Crown
  opened by paleface at 21:27:56 09/24/06  
  last modified by paleface at 12:25:50 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=SS; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=JPN]
I will confess that I didn't actually play this one; I just watched my friend play it, and tried to help them figure out where to go next when they got lost in the big castle.
You play a cute little princess with a big sword, and I suppose there's some kind of story I'm missing since I don't know the language, but aside from having to skip through a lot of dialogue, you wander around and beat up opponents in swordfights filled with fireworks. The characters are all 2D and quite nice-looking. Combat itself looked fairly simple, but there were at least a few "special" moves, and some back and forth in the combat. I've read that as you go on you can buy other weapons and so forth.
The wandering around and skipping Japanese dialogue parts were less amusing to watch, although I suppose if you understood what everyone was so desperately trying to tell you, you probably wouldn't be lost and wandering aimlessly all the time.

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