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Gundam: The Battle Master 2
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; reg=JPN]
Essentially the same game as the North American "Gundam Battle Assault" (first one) except that the characters in Story mode are completely different and the sequence of battle areas is altered; also perhaps one or two of the mobile suits are different, or just have different names--I know next to nothing about Gundam.
Whereas in GBA you play a young man in story mode, in GtBM2 you're a young woman with a green-haired boy sidekick. I guess they felt that wouldn't fly in the US? And while in GBA in the third or fourth battle I fought a zealous soldier on a farm, and in the next battle an arrogant long-haired guy outside a large convention center, in GtBM2 I fought a farmer on the farm, and a long-haired woman outside the convention center. Kind of an alternate universe GBA, then, and I suppose die-hard GBA fans would get a pretty good kick out of it.
And of course it's a solid 2d fighter in its own right with very impressive graphics for the PS1. I wish the controls were customizable.
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