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Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventure
  opened by paleface at 21:47:47 11/24/06  
  last modified by paleface at 12:25:50 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=SNES; cat=Platformer; reg=JPN]
Super-colorful platformer with the flying characters from the Twinbee shooters. Here, they're constrained mostly to standard running and jumping platformer mechanics, but they can do super jumps and dashes using their jets.
As far as classic single-player platformers go, this looks pretty awesome. I only tried it in co-op mode, and that was an exercise in frustration, because the dark bees move so fast that one will shoot ahead, leaving the other player off the screen, and that player is pretty much hosed.
· Detana TwinBee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack (PS1)
· Pop'n Twinbee (SNES)

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