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Blast Factor
  opened by paleface at 01:56:46 11/27/06  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Shooter_4way; loc=NA]
One of I think maybe two downloadable games available at the PS3's launch, Blast Factor is yet another in the spate of Robotron (see entry 555) clones we've seen in recent years, most notably on Xbox Live.
In Blast Factor, you steer your craft around in a little hexagonal petri dish, trying to take out giant-bacteria-ish enemies. To help you out, you've got a fast regular shot, an explosive shot gained by holding fire down for a bit, and the tilt control of the PS3's "Sixaxis" controller, whereby a correct flick of your wrist will slosh the liquid in the dish to one side, and the enemies along with it. Apparently the way to get the most points is something along the lines of maneuvering around so that the enemies sort of clump up, then sloshing them even closer together against the walls of the dish, then blasting them with a charged shot to kill them all in a big combo.
Sloshing is also necessary to knock some armored enemies onto their backs, exposing their vulnerable bellies. Enemies come in a few different varieties, requiring different tactics. Once in a while you come across a boss fight; unfortunately, the boss is always the same. Boo. :P
Oh, you can also hold down a trigger to go into a slow-motion mode in which you're more powerful or invulnerable or something, I guess. It's pretty.
I'm a bit surprised that this overdone genre was picked for one of the very first games to show off the PS3 and its downloadable game system. Sure, it looks kind of nice, and provides some quick twitch action, but isn't everyone kind of sick of this type of game at the moment? And if you're going to go ahead and do it anyway, couldn't you at least vary up the bosses to give players something to look forward to as they keep sloshing around the dish?

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