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Senko no Ronde
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  "A couple maybe exciting versus battles!"
Port of a fairly unique Naomi-based Vs. shooter by G.rev. Both players (or one player and the CPU) play what are essentially boss characters from 2D shooting games; they can grow to screen-spanning size and unleash massive slow bullet sprays, in other words.
The action takes place from an isometric view, set in a fairly abstract and unexciting outer-space type of place. Graphically it does look Naomi-ish, which isn't to say it looks bad, but it also doesn't look particularly current gen. It plays widescreen, but the sides are really just padded out by statistic readouts. It does run at a smooth rate, though.
So you pick from a dozen or so characters and then go do battle, mostly just waggling yourself around the grid, trying to get off shots on your opponent while avoiding theirs. I don't quite remember how the controls worked, except that it involved a *lot* of buttons, and didn't feel at all intuitive. I can't say I found that aspect particularly entrancing.
Eventually you built up enough power meter to transform into your big super-boss form, and then you mash buttons to spawn huge bullet waves at your opponent for a little while until you revert back to normal size. This makes for some back-and-forth in the battles, albeit at a fairly predictable pace.
Most of what aiming there is is done automatically. Aside from transforming into large size when your meter fills up, I didn't really grasp strategy here beyond mashing buttons--and I tended to get stomped, so I guess that shows there's a little more to it.
I don't remember that we played much of single-player, which I think is just series of Vs battles vs the CPU--but I couldn't say for sure.

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