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Forza Motorsport 2
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  paleface [sys=X360; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
The Forza series (now that it's reached 2 and shows little sign of stopping it can be called that, I suppose) is one of those simmy racers where the idea is to spend lots of time tweaking out your rides to win races. There are telemetry modes where you can view a ridiculous amount of information about the car as you drive along, and there's the "livery editor" in which you manipulate decal shapes--thousands upon thousands, if you want--to paint your car with a special look; you can swap those online and so forth. Some are really impressive, although the impressive part is mostly in the "wow I can't believe someone spent the time it would take to get that level of accuracy and detail out of a bajillion little bits of digital stickum on their video game race car." Not that I'm going to complain if other people are willing to put in the work. Oh and there's a photo mode type of thing where you can even apply all kinds of color mode effects and things--go for the "vintage" look in your amazing crash photo, for instance.
Obviously I'm just breezing through this and didn't put in anywhere near the necessary time to get a real grip on the game. The driving is very responsive and somewhat unforgiving, although not as cruel as it could be. As far as amount of cars and tracks and modes goes, it's somewhere up there in the stratosphere. This would be the kind of game I'd be on the fence about getting if I had the system, because while it's very impressive and with lots to do, I tend to get scared off of the more "sim/tweaker" type racers--there's so much work as opposed to actual driving fast around a cool course. If you don't have hangups like that, though, you probably own the game already.
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