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Sega Rally Revo
  opened by paleface at 20:37:32 11/23/07  
  last modified by paleface at 20:41:03 11/23/07  
  paleface [sys=X360; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
I never got into any of the previous Sega Rally games, and I don't think I'll be getting into Revo, either. On the up side, the graphics are gorgeous, and zip along quickly, with liquid-smooth framerates. On the down side, the racing just feels silly.
Don't use the third-person camera, because for some reason they set it to lag way behind your car's turn, so you'll be halfway turned before the camera even starts to turn itself. This leads to massive oversteering and a general feeling of wanting to throw your game system through the nearest available window.
In-car or bumper views are much better. From here, you can actually steer, which is nice. However, you'll soon find that steering isn't as important as it ought to be, because you can just kind of slew around almost the tightest turns like you're in a waterslide. Whoosh!
I don't remember exactly how this worked, but there was something weird about the AI... I think it was like it was really rubber-bandy, except oddly working in your favor: easy to catch up to them, but they aren't very good at keeping up with you, and will hover far enough back that you can crash and recover before they can catch up to you.

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