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Every Extend Extra
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The creator of Rez (see entry 750) took a PC shareware or freeware shooter, tweaked it up with fancy lights and sounds, and released it on the PSP. Good job!
In EEE, you're this dotty thing, and you lurk on a little grid, waiting for other dots to drift by in little formations. When they're close, and hopefully all bunched up, you detonate yourself, taking out any dots near you, and they'll take out any near them, hopefully resulting in a chain reaction that wipes out a ton of dots and causes them to drop powerups for you.
You're up against a constant time limit, and if you get hit, you get docked time; you also drop all the "Quicken" powerups you had, which perform the service of speeding up enemy spawns, so crucial to obtaining large combos for top scores. You can only explode for as many times as you have charges, but you can get more of those from enemies you destroy.
Although I'm not overly fond of strict time limits, EEE's set up is pretty solid, and makes for some genuinely challenging and new shooter type action. The enemies come from all directions, sub-bosses may come in at any time, and then the bosses proper are fairly impressive and distinctive.
The visuals and sounds of each stage are different from the preceding ones; everything except your own dot is redesigned around the theme of the level. Throw in all kinds of fireworks created by the explosions and chain reactions, and you've got one pretty game.
Being a pretty hardcore action shooter and all, EEE itself is a short experience, long on replay. That kind of thing isn't really the mode these days. In an attempt to flesh things out a bit they've added stage attack and boss rush modes, as well as a port of the original Every Extend, which is nice to have, since it has slightly different rules, as well as completely different artwork and bosses. There's some kind of competitive two-player ad-hoc mode, but I don't think I've had a chance to try it.
A really annoying feature: they included a demo of Lumines II (by the same design house), and you have to choose between that and EEE itself each time you run the UMD. Grr.

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