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Nanostray 2
  opened by paleface at 15:15:00 07/05/08  
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  paleface [sys=DS; cat=Shooter_4way; reg=NA]
I don't think you have to use touch-screen input for this sequel, which is a boon. The other big change seems to be mixing it up with levels that scroll horizontally, vertically, and heck maybe even diagonally for all I know. I didn't get very far through it at all, because it starts you out in a level that's obstacle-filled to a highly annoying degree. It would probably be less annoying on a larger display where you could read the situation more easily, but I did not at all enjoy trying to navigate my tiny ship between massive obstacles while trying to repel tiny, bullet-vomiting enemies with an underpowered weapon.
· Nanostray (DS)

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