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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Shooter_4way; reg=NA]
Downloadable shooter where you steer around--turning, rather than simply firing in all directions, or shifting side-to-side--in sort of dog fights from a top-down view. Very tiny 3D ships, long travel distances over a dispersed oceanic island area that your "boost" only covers in bits and pieces, irritating "objective" gameplay (hint: do NOT make your players do a "protect" mission as their first activity--nobody likes those), and life-meter targets where you just have to fly in circles while slowly whittling down the target's health--which you can't see, so really it's just slowly whittling in the hope that someday, somewhere, something exciting will happen. Meanwhile, the constant shooting sound from your two guns (why do we need two? did they want to make sure you cramped both hands equally by having to hold down both bottom trigger buttons?) will wear away your sanity.
The game runs at 720p, and looks all right--ooh, water--although everything is tiny and hard to see. Then again, enemy ships zero right in on you anyway faster than you can steer away, firing little bullets all the while, so you can't really dodge anything, and you just take constant hits, supposedly using your recharging boost to carry you out of harm's way over and over again; but you can't really get any distance before your boost expires, so it feels rather pointless.
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