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Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Shooter_4way; loc=NA]
Capcom farms out another old franchise (see entry 39) to the team that "updated" 1942 (see entry 1235) for them in this downloadable shooter. This time the action is a little more 3D--the perspective is tilted a bit now--objects are bigger and more brightly colored, and the thing is at least fairly playable.
Like the 1942 update, you can I think play two-player co-op, and you have shot, bomb, and a third weapon, in this case a limited supply of grenades you can lob. Oh, and there are, also as in 1942's update, three selectable characters with slightly different "statistics": speed, health, firepower--that sort of thing.
You shoot your way generally upscreen through a series of scripted encounters: waves of troops here, a tank there, houses spawning troops and protected by turrets over yonder, and so on, until you come to the stage boss, which, at least in the first couple stages, is the same screen-filling, omni-firing tank. Here the camera switches I think to more straight overhead, and you spam the dull boss with heat until it blows up, then it's on to the next level.
There are some vehicles you can drive, although the control for these is a little unintuitive, and I found myself swerving repeatedly into trees and other obstacles. You can also jump into gun turrets and spin them around to mow things down, which is sort of fun.
In terms of crafting a memorable game experience, this effort is superior to their earlier try with 1942; there's a hint of color and personality, although it's done in an exaggerated Saturday morning 3D cartoon style that looks a little cheap. The main problem is that action bogs down a bit in repeated shooting (you and many targets have health meters, rather than dying tidily in a single hit), and the stage/enemy/sound designs are still fairly mundane. I *can* play through the game, but after the first stage or so it starts to feel like a slog.
  paleface 04:44:21 10/11/08
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  "Shoot, shoot, shoot through an early stage."
Runs at 1080p, although it has a low-poly "style" to it.
The firing sound gets irritating after a while, and this is yet another dual-stick shooter: steer with the left stick, fire with the right. The camera tilt is probably a little more than it should be, and upscreen feels a bit far away sometimes.

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