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Crescent Pale Mist
  opened by paleface at 21:49:19 01/01/11  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Platformer; reg=NA]
Downloadable PSN platformer/shooter in which you're some kind of anime maybe witch girl who runs/shoots along and stuff. Okay so I don't remember the game very well; normally I'd boot it back up and have a run-through to refresh my memory, but my initial encounters with the game were so scarring that I don't want to go back to it; I just want to get some sort of write-up in as a warning, and so that I can be done with the game and delete it from my console.
I suppose mainly I'm irritated with myself for having bought it. See in recent years I've gotten into being lazy and just looking up a YouTube clip or two of prospective download purchases (for full-price games I generally throw in a review skim or two as well :P); usually that works fine, but in Crescent Pale Mist's case, it went horribly awry. See, in a video, CPM looks pretty interesting: it's a shooter, but also a platformer, pretty speedy, nice if small 2D character sprite artwork, lots of bullets and effects going; okay so the backgrounds are bland as heck and from the tiny anime-style sprites it's probably one of those converted-from-PC games, but hey it's a fast shooter, must be at least halfway decent, right?
But what you can't see in the video is the completely unintuitive control and weapon scheme, which if memory serves involves such horrors as having to pretty multiple buttons for lots of stuff, jump/flight mechanics that switch without warning as you speed through a level, and throwing daggers that teleport you to the hit location when they strike an enemy--wouldn't that just be really disorienting?
There was other stuff in there that I didn't like about the controls/weapons, but can't particularly remember. There's like absorbing or pushing or I really don't want to go back and check, because it's completely incomprehensible unless you run through the tutorial, which is incredibly long and irksome.
I normally try not to write a game off in this half-assed sort of way, but...well, I'm going to, because the sooner I can bury the shame of having bought this, the better. Yes there is the slender possibility that there's a halfway decent, brief but fun and even somewhat unique action game in there once you get used to the freaking ridiculous controls and weapons--if that's possible--but hey, I have a lot of other games screaming to be played that are fun and reasonably intuitive right off the bat, so I'll take that chance.

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