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Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ
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  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Party; reg=JPN]
Manic three-player 2D mini-game fest where each player's controls consist of three large red, green, and blue convex buttons--these buttons are big and slappy and designed to take punishment, because almost all of the 20-some minigames emphasize hitting some or all of them as quickly as possible to match on-screen displays. Usually all three players are playing and whaling away at their buttons all at once, and things get pretty crazy.
Some examples:
- In a rare one where you take turns, you hammer on two of the buttons to sprint your bride down the aisle of a huge cathedral, then hold and release the third buttons to control the angle of trajectory of a pie she flings into the pews, almost inevitably hitting some dear spectator in the face--the goal is to have your bride launch her pie farther than the other players.
- A sequence of vegetables is displayed, and you have to scroll through a loop of randomly ordered veggies with two buttons, slapping the middle one when you've highlighted the next veggie in the sequence.
- Each player has a simple pinball playfield consisting of crazy objects and creatures floating around in the upper part, and more and more pinballs coming up through the bottom part to your flippers--the object is to hit the most floating objects. This was the only one I was good at--by the end (these are all pretty short, probably less than a minute) I was madly button mashing to juggle six or seven pinballs.
All the games are presented in frenetic, loud, colorful, breathlessly paced Japanese game-show style. The graphics are big, bold, and blocky, with shameless sprite scaling and some rotation--the game might be running on something similar to PS1 hardware, although I never saw a touch of slowdown even in the most frenetic three-player action.
We were disturbing the couple sitting at a table near the console as there is no way NOT to play this game super-loud and shouting your head off (not to mention raising a heck of a racket with the button slapping), but in the end they just had to look at all the ruckus was and couldn't help laughing along with us.
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