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Mousin' Around!
  opened by paleface at 19:23:48 08/27/12  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
1993 Bally/Midway table with a real Chuck-E-Cheese's vibe with all the yellow, orange, and plastic, not to mention the semi-cartoonish mice, cat, mousetrap, etc graphics. Not a huge fan of the aesthetics.
There's a flat bank of targets across the middle of the playfield with incredibly dangerous rebounds. Not fun at all. If you hit them a few times or something they lower, revealing a hole; shoot the ball into this hole and it whips back SUPER fast over a raised plastic tube to the right rebounder--the speed of the response is really unexpected, and if you don't know what to be ready for you're nearly guaranteed to have the ball shoot down your right flipper and into the drain before you know what's happening.

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