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  opened by paleface at 14:56:20 05/04/19  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Adventure; loc=NA]
Pretty nifty conversion of the PC classic dungeon crawler; has slightly more colorful lighting effects, even, as well as a Fast game speed option (gotta hunt for that one a bit, the menus are laid out a little unusually) that makes the game feel pretty zippy. The controls can be a bit tricky--even just aiming a sword as the Warrior (I don't want to think about my attempts to aim the bow--there is some auto-aim, but I haven't quite got the hand of it somehow)--but mostly it isn't too hard to manage the key things, and nice not to have to mouse-click on everything. : )
Diablo was partly inspired by the old Rogue-like ASCII game Moria, and I haven't been able to find a fantasy Rogue-like on PS4 that has really grabbed me, so I decided to get Diablo and play it in Rogue-like, or more properly, "roguelite" fashion: no memory cards (so no reloading and retrying after death, effectively making it permadeath--unlike later games in the series, Diablo (1) had no Hardcore mode, which would have enforced something similar), and, to keep the duration of a single "run" down, no going back to town: you're stuck with whatever you can find in the dungeon. With no standard health regeneration, that does tend to limit how far you can get down through the dungeons. : )
Although, my last run was going a little long; then I got caught and trapped in a swarm, which can happen once in a while, and that ate away my hoard of health potions--but I was still cooking along okay (I'd finally realized I should dump 80% of my level-up stat points into HP, as the Warrior)...and then I got to the Catacombs, with no single-width doorways allowing you to retreat and take on enemies one at a time. So, didn't last too long down there! That has slaked my curiosity about this play variety for a bit; maybe at some point I'll get to wondering about strategies for the Catacomb (played roguelite-style)--but the longer runs are hard to fit in.

I was initially hoping I could play the game on Hell difficulty; unfortunately, only standard difficulty is available--you have to beat that to unlock the next difficulty, and beat that to unlock Hell difficulty; and Diablo apparently takes up 10 slots on a PS1 memory card. ; ) So not sure I'll ever get around to the higher difficulties.

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