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Arcade Archives Double Dragon II
  opened by paleface at 22:30:06 05/10/19  
  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=NA]

^ Playing through Arcade Archives Double Dragon II on maximum ("Hard") difficulty on PS4.
I think this'll be the last time I play the arcade version of DDII for a while; it's a less subtle, less inspired remake of the first Double Dragon--that goes for the sound, graphics, gameplay, plot, everything; for instance, the story in the first is that your (one of the brothers'? : o) girlfriend is kidnapped by some terrorist guy, so you fight his gang, track him down and rescue her; the story of the second (subtitled "The Revenge") is that your girlfriend is KILLED by the same terrorist guy (0:09), so you fight his gang, track him down, and then, after beating up him and his lieutenants, for some reason you fight a mystical doppelganger of yourself who just freezes time and hits you whenever it wants (34:13). Real fun ending. : P Is this a Freudian thing?
And the gameplay feels unbalanced. A lot of the characters just walk right into your flurries of punches (21:33)--except for the ones who seem to have an instant counter for 90% of your attacks (29:48). But for the most part the biggest strategic challenge, rather than juking for the best surprise attack position like you do in the first game, is simply to remember which directional attack button you have to hit (the attack buttons here are left attack and right attack, rather than the first game's dedicated punch and kick buttons).
On the plus side, there's a lot less slowdown than in the first game.
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