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  opened by paleface at 02:53:20 10/11/21  
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  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Roguelike; reg=EUR]
Trying out the hardcore Tolkien-themed roguelike game--a fork or "variant" of Angband--called Sil-Q! This is version 1.5.0-beta2, on Windows. The game is free and open source:

23:53 - The game's pdf manual, which goes into stat calculations in a lot of detail, says that the (-1) for an armor piece is just a -1 to accuracy, NOT to damage as well.
I also figured out later that I can make macros to assign keys overlapped by the vi keys (u for Use and l for Look, particularly) to other keys, so I don't have to use Ctrl with them all the time (and keep forgetting and almost getting myself killed by taking accidental steps ; ).
So there were some frustrations with the interface and documentation, but I think I've figured my way around the main interface beefs so far, with those macros. The game itself is a lot of fun! : D
  paleface 13:25:49 10/11/21
(Ah, making alternate keys for u and l seems to be more properly done with what the game calls keymaps--single key remapping--rather than macros--a string of commands.)
  paleface 20:56:21 11/07/21

Ohh besides having set "more" prompts to be skipped, so it was easy to overlook the low hit point warnings, I ignored that those last three Cs weren't regular wolves, but White Wolves!
A variety of rough edges here (replacement function keys when using vi keys, for instance), a perhaps somewhat overly complicated ability system when I just want to conk people on the head, the whole crafting thing, repetitive monsters in the early game, and missing certain options and features regular Angband has (Items window, persistent levels option, random artifacts option, identify options, birth options save feature, full vi keys support, fewer rough edges) are inclining me to just go play vanilla Angband rather than continuing in Sil-Q!
  paleface 13:33:25 11/18/21
Although, Sil-Q may be less irritating than Angband in terms of say bathing you in acid that melts all your armor down to muck. :P
I tried playing Sil-Q without worrying about the skills, crafting, and songs--and that worked, at least in the early stages I was in, but it was also...pretty darn boring. Lots of orcs. Lots of orcs. And the game doesn't drench you in fun wands and things like Angband does. You get a lot of spears. And daggers. To throw at the orcs.

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