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Troll Slayer
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Source code and version "3"?:
Version "4"? (I was using this one):
With beefy melee combat and lovely generated dungeons, Troll Slayer, a roguelike dungeon crawler made for the 7DRL Challenge 2010 ("Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge") competition in 2010 has most of what I could want in a roguelike! A bit tricky to work in though since there's no save function and no auto-rest function, so you're left taking a lot of time to recover from the punishing fights, and maybe (I didn't make it quite that far) needing like a five hour chunk of time to get through the dungeon; eh and I guess I needed a low HP warning as well. ; ) And knock-back is hilarious--until it starts happening to you, and you have to start monitoring every blow in combat lest you give up initiative bouncing back at the jerk what pushed you!
Also the weapon speed readout is ridiculously confusing--but it does seem that lower percentage speeds, ie 80% for a dagger--are fa'''ster. I think.
And there *is* the weapon skill thing, which I'm not much a fan of in general, since it tends to trap you into using one type of weapon or being way worse than you should be with some other ewapon. For instance I screwed up real bad here--this was on me of course--in accidentally forgetting to equip a weapon and so just using bare hands at first, thus wasting (I guess?) my early skill level-ups on bare-handed fighting instead of having them going into, well, probably swords. Then later a spear with knock-back came along and that seemed great, so I put some usage into that, but then a "deadly dagger" of just straight up killing came along, and that seemed the best bet, so there I was starting over with swords....
And for some reason the "k" key doesn't work, and OBS wouldn't record from it in full-screen. Still though, heck of a meaty roguelike in a small and succulent package!
And floors are counted in the eh well maybe the European manner, so you start on floor sorta zero, then you go down to floor 1...
Oh wow that last orc was getting like three attacks for each of mine and stunning me with most of them, too! = o So okay possibly there are some balance issues. ; ) One thing I found in an old archived newsgroup--hm I think...or somewhere--was something about the author saying they hadn't had any time for play testing, so they didn't know how well the balance and advancement would actually work. They made a few updates to the game after the 7DRL competition, so maybe they were able to get a couple adjustments in at least.
Super-nice maps!

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